When Gifting Wine is a Great Idea and When It is Not?

Certain occasions often call for giving away and getting presents. Apart from the idea of gathering from people who are significant to you, the idea of receiving gift is one that makes the celebration truly exciting, particularly to those directly involved in it. By “occasions,” we do not only mean holiday celebrations like Christmas and New Year, it also meant all cheery events in general, some of which may not necessarily be in the calendar but has to happen.

But when you speak of presents, a handful of items typically comes to mind—some of which had become an icon, if not a staple—in the concept of gift-giving. I can go on and on and provide the list of those items, but if there is anything particularly controversial in any of those in the list, it has got to be the bottle of wine.

It may not be as strong as other kind of alcoholic drinks such as the ones adults consume in the pub or the same drinks which some leave in the cellar for extended periods. But wine still contains alcohol—around 11.5% to 13.5% in average—which may be intoxicating when consumed, especially in large quantities. Hence, the controversy about the appropriateness of this drink as a gift.

When a Bottle of Wine is Not Good for Gift

As a mild alcoholic beverage, the suitability of a bottle of wine varies from the person. While teens may be allowed to drink it in celebration of the event, more so their older counterparts, children are typically off-limits from it. After all, as aforementioned, the drink still does contain a bit of alcohol in it which might exhibit something unusual to a body not accustomed to such a drink like that of kids’.

And that was not even speaking of a kind of custom where the drinking of alcoholic drinks is forbidden altogether, let alone for underaged children. For instance, if you are in an Islamic country where the consumption of alcohol is deemed illegal, expect drinks like the wine to take a hit as among the prohibited drink.

Drawing ideas from the instances given, the giving of a bottle of wine as a gift is considered inappropriate in events where children are the highlight of the party like a birthday of a child or other children-themed parties or if the intended recipient is a devout practitioner of the Islamic faith.
Sure, adults can still exclusively drink their wine with other attendees during a birthday celebration. But it creates a kind of divide which separate the adults from the kids. It may not be a big deal for many people, but it could still be for some.

In terms of the negative religious view of alcohol among our Islamic brethren, it goes without saying how potentially offensive the idea of receiving an alcoholic drink like wine as a gift.

When Wine Becomes a Great Gift

Yet, despite the contention, a bottle of wine still remains a great gift, befitting certain events, not to mention its utter convenience. How can, after all, something so easy to source and prepare as gift be not such an amazing choice, especially for people having busy lifestyles? Perhaps, this is one major factor why wine bottles are so common yet so special as gift in most occasions.

In countries where liquor stores make for a thriving business, finding a good bottle of wine is as easy as going to the nearby store, asking the store owner for the best wine, and paying it off. However, this is only speaking of a typical scenario where a person does not possess the capability to produce the best wine such as one preserved over long periods of time.

Prepping the wine as a gift is not too difficult, either. When some wines come with a classy packaging of their own, buying them “as is” and handing them over to the recipient is no difficult feat. But in cases where a wine bottle does not come with its own box, a simple ribbon tied across it easily signifies something more special about the drink—an intended gift.

Yet, perhaps what makes a good bottle of wine a great gift in most celebrations where it fits is that of its power to make people bond as they enjoy a sip in their drinking glasses. It may not necessarily be the source of connection of those people gathering per se, but there is something significant about the act that is promoted by the idea of drinking wine during the process.

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