What Are Some Fun and Creative Ways to Gift Money?

Last updated on November 5th, 2015

Last post, we discussed when money is an appropriate gift, and now that you know when you can gift money, you ought to know that you can get creative in giving cash.

What are some creative ways to gift money? Here are some!

Buy a puzzle money cube

Money Maze Bank

Make them work for the money! The recipient has to navigate the ball to unlock the money inside the cube. Get it here!

Give the money as a “photo album”

Money Album Gift Idea!

This grandma rocks. Creative too. Via stephaneko of imgurl.

How about a DIY Card That Has Money as Part of the Graphic?

Cupcake Money Card

Money and cupcake! What could be better? Via One Little Minute Blog.

 Roll the Bills into a Cash Candle for a Festive Card

Rolled Paper Money Birthday Card

Looks great, fairly easy to achieve with some colored paper and some creativity! Via Creative Me Inspired You.

Bury the Money in Homemade Soap or Buy a Money Soap

Money Soap Bar

You can catch the buyable version via Amazon. Get it here.

Put the money into the paper containers of a chocolate box!

Money Chocolate Gift

Cannot find the original person who took the photo, but so creative!

Clip the bills into an umbrella!

Money Umbrella Gift Idea

So creative! Plus he can keep the umbrella for the rainy season! Via The Seasonal Home.

Use a Kleenex Box to Remind them “Don’t Blow It in One Place”

Kleenex Cash Gift Idea

For the surprisingly easy instruction, check out Refined Mom.

A money lei is an awesome graduation gift!

Money Lei Cash Gift

Too creative! You can easily see the gladness in the guys face! You can check out the deets at Your Home Based Mom.

This money rosette is a great gift wrapping topper!

Money Rosette Cash gift

Or a ribbon to a graduate. So awesome! See the step by step instructions at Just Something I Made.

More Gift Ideas from eBay

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