Cool, Unique and Weird Kitchen Gadgets You Never Knew You Needed

Last updated on May 23rd, 2018

Ingenuity in the kitchen is a requirement.  Cooking is an art and so does the cooking tools and paraphernalia used.  One of a kind and clever kitchen gadgets should be made available in your cooking kingdom if you want to put a personality in your culinary style.  The items below are a delightful list of interesting yet functional kitchen gadgets that you may not need immediately but will be very handy if you have one in your kitchen.  Check these items below.

Coffee Scoop with Clip and Beaded Coffee Bag Clip

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For the organized self in you, this scoop with a clip will be very beneficial in your kitchen. It features a 1 tablespoon scoop with a built in clip for coffee and tea bags resealing to keep its freshness. Its length is also long enough to reach the bottom of the bag when scooping coffee, milk or even other powder base beverages. To bring personality to this scoop, it comes with 2 cabochon marbles and a choice of color and style to match your own personality too.

Vintage tea strainer

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For tea lovers, this is a must-have. This vintage tea strainer is a useful tea brewing accessory. Although, this is vintage, its usage is still in demand for tea drinkers young and old. This is made up of a small aluminum infuser which is greatly beneficial when you host a tea party or tea ceremony with family and friends. A great collection to put in your cupboards as well.

Kitchen Holder For Sponge

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Small items near your sink needs a very comfortable place to stay while not in use and this kitchen holder for Scotch Brite scrubbing sponge is the answer. Not only that this will bring out an interesting statement to your kitchen sink, it also serves its purpose – which is sponge drying and this helps prevent the growth of molds and bacteria which will sometimes be the cause of damage to your countertop. Grab one “bed sponge” now and let that sponge dry.

Instant Read Meat Thermometer

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Steaks that are mouthwatering, delicious and is very tasty is a result of good and appropriate temperature control. Timing and heat control are factors that contribute to a very appetizing meat grilling. This can only be perfectly achieved if a digitalized kitchen thermometer is readily available if needed. This is what the instant red meat thermometer has to offer. It is a fast talking thermometer that can easily be used while cooking, grilling, barbecuing. A must-have for food lovers.

Jenaluca Herb Scissors/Multi-purpose Kitchen Shear

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This herb scissors is the perfect tool to use in cutting vegetables to add in your salad or other veggie dishes. Do away with mincing and chopping as this is a very good alternative. This scissors has two snips with a sharp, finely balanced 5 blades that is equivalent to 10 knife chops. How cool is that? Perfect for the salad lovers and the vegetarians. Unique food presentations can also be done as this is one multipurpose scissors as well.

Potato Cutting Machine for French Fries

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This one is ideal for potato lovers and French fries eaters. For that fresh and homemade fries, this one is a must have in the kitchen. No need for preservatives and refrigeration, potatoes freshly picked can be easily be made into a crispy treat to share with family and friends. This is made of stainless steel and comes with two blades. In addition, this is not only made to cut potatoes but also other fruits and vegetables.

2-in-1 Soup and Cracker Mug

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This clever mug is best for soup and crackers, chips and dips, coffee and bread, juice and sandwich, ice cream and cookies or even cereals and a slice of fruit. A wonderful way to serve food to family and friends and a great dishwashing saver. A great collection to add to your unique kitchen tools and an awesome concept to show to friends and loved ones. It’s a must for every household to have this. Grab more than one of this piece now.

Garlic Press and Silicone Tube Garlic Peeler

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This is heaven sent to those who love to sauté and for those who enjoy the smell and taste of fresh garlic in his food. This garlic press and silicone tube garlic peeler is a kitchen helper that also comes with a cleaning brush. So no more smelly hands as you use garlic in preparing delightful dishes. This is also good for mincing ginger aside from garlic. No wastage and the whole garlic and ginger are maximize in your cooking bringing good taste to the food.

Pistachio Nut Opener

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Interestingly, pistachios has its own partner when crunching time comes. Introducing the pistachio nut opener. Specifically made for pistachio lovers where eating this tasty nuts now becomes effortless and not messy at all. A great tool to use when munching over a good show on TV or a good movie to watch. An awesome gift idea too for nut lovers out there.

Multipurpose Handheld Round Fruit Cutter

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For a quick, easy and a perfect slice of round fruits and vegetables such as tomato, kiwi, lemon and onion, this multi-purpose handheld round fruit cutter is what you will badly need in your kitchen cabinet. It is conveniently designed as a cutting and slicing aid to make cooking easier and faster. This tool is also wonderfully conceptualized to protect fingers and hands from injuries like cuts and bruises. It is durably made of stainless steel and comes with tongs for a secure grip when in use.

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