Wedding Anniversary Gemstone Gifts: Rings for Her (Years 11-50)

Last updated on March 28th, 2018

The wedding ring is the symbol of the union of two hearts.  Many couples do take time to pick out the perfect ring for their special day.  Another special way to celebrate the love for each other is by rekindling the memories of their wedding day through the couple’s wedding anniversary.  Each year there is a significant gemstone equivalent.  This gemstone symbolizes the number of glorious years together as husband and wife.  Finding your soulmate is such a difficult and exhausting venture so when you finally find the one meant for you, celebrating each year would be very significant for the both of you.   If you are planning to surprise the one you love on your wedding anniversary with a gemstone ring but clueless on what to give, then you need to stick around and check out our favorite finds below.

Year 11: Turquoise

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A decade has passed and there’s an extra year now, you have reached your eleventh year together and it calls for a celebration! Eleventh wedding anniversary has the gemstone of Turquoise. This refreshing opaque gemstone of blue green color is probably the oldest stone in the history of man. The name Turquoise literally means things of tranquil hue. Jewelers have stated that the gemstone Turquoise can be influenced by its wearer. The stone can grow paler if the wearer is sad or sick and even lose its color when the wearer dies. If the wearer is healthy, the color deepens each day. This Turquoise ring is made from the natural gemstone and is built on sterling silver. It has this sophisticated look that can be worn in any occasion it may prevail.

Year 12: Jade

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Twelve years of being together means a dozen of fun adventures as a couple. This year is a special year for the both of you and for this year the gemstone suitable is Jade. Jade is the gemstone that is commonly associated with the color green. Jade is also referred to the stone of heaven in the Asian culture. This Jade gemstone ring is in lemon green color. It has a classic look that is quite catchy to the eye. Your lady would fall in love with the beauty of this ring even at first glance.

Year 13: Citrine

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Marriage is not for all, most couples do fall astray and now that you’ve hit thirteen, you should be celebrating and be thankful for being strong all through these years. Thirteenth anniversary has the gemstone equivalent of Citrine. Citrine is a yellow golden stone which is also known as success stone or merchant’s stone. Citrine is known to bring the energy of generosity and prosperity to the wearer according to most jewelers. This Citrine ring is made from natural and untreated Citrine stone which is electroformed with pure copper. You are assured that this is the real deal and your lady love would adore this for sure!

Year 14: Opal

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Opal is the birthstone for October and it is also the gemstone for your fourteenth wedding anniversary. Opal came from the Sanskrit word “upala” which means precious stone. Opal is known to depict innocence, luck, happiness and purity. It also inspires hope and love according to most jewelers. This Opal ring is made from natural raw stone which is honed in perfection. This Opal ring is made from 14k solid gold and would certainly stand the test of time.

Year 15: Rhodolite

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Fifteen years of being together is not a joke. Imagine living with a person and being faithful through all these years is not an easy task for many. As the saying goes, being faithful is easy when you truly love a person. Cheers to your fifteen years of strong marriage bond and with that here’s a gemstone that is as blooming as your love for each other: Rhodolite. Rhodolite is a rose stone with a beautiful and charming color ranging from rose red to pale violet. Jewelers have stated that Rhodolite is a healing stone that stimulate cell functioning and regeneration. Some say that it can also help in balancing the libido and sexual function. If you have a sleepy lady love maybe this would help to stimulate her a bit. Kidding aside, the Rhodolite ring is a beautiful representation of your love that your wife can wear on her ring finger every day.

Year 20: Emerald

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Emerald is known as the sacred stone of Venus the goddess. This precious gemstone is known to preserve love. Emerald has also been the symbol of hope. Most jewelers also say that it can also help the troubled minds as it can act as a tranquilizer. Twenty years of being together means surviving two decades of happiness and sorrows. You must congratulate each other for making this far and being as strong as ever! On your twentieth wedding anniversary, this Emerald ring could be the highlight of your occasion. The Emerald is in teardrop cut enclosed in 18k gold vermeil ring. The packaging comes in a gift box too which makes it ready for gift giving.

Year 25: Tsavorite

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Twenty five years of being married is like achieving a milestone that not anyone can achieve easily. Being together through thick and thin and surviving the storms together for twenty five years is indeed a tremendous thing to celebrate. On your twenty fifth wedding anniversary, it would be a kind gesture to surprise your lady love with a gemstone ring of Tsavorite. Tsavorite is a variety of grossular green garnet and is widely known to have energetic properties. This gemstone is a symbol of benevolence, prosperitu and vitality. Jewelers have agreed that this gemstone is very uplifting. This Tsavorite ring is enclosed in 925 sterling silver with plated black rhodium and 18k gold. The mystical design is made more fabulous by the green prehnite and tsavorite garnet.

Year 30: Pearl

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The Pearl stone is known to be one of the most valuable gemstones of all because unlike the other gemstones, this one comes from a living creature. Oysters and mollusks are known to produce freshwater pearls. This gemstone is also known as the teardrops from the moon. The Pearl is popularly known to symbolize purity, innocence and often worn by the bride on her wedding day. Three decades of being married is symbolized by the gemstone pearl. This Pearl ring is lightly oxidized for more defined and textured look. The floral design adds to its aesthetic appeal. Your wife would certainly rock this Pearl ring on your wedding anniversary date night!

Year 40: Ruby

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Four decades of being married is like reaching the peak of a high mountain. Being at the summit makes you feel so accomplished. Forty years of marriage is equivalent to the gemstone ruby. The Ruby stone is usually seen in bloody red gemstone but it may also come in pink. Ruby is the symbol for passion, closeness and commitment. On your fortieth wedding anniversary, your wife deserves a dashing surprise. This Ruby ring is a beautiful surprise that you can give to your lovely wife. This ring comes in 14k gold filled double band ring enclosing the captivating Ruby gemstone. Ruby is known to stir the sensual pleasures of life by stimulating the heart. Who knows, you might get lucky tonight!

Year 50: Gold

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Whenever there is something genuine or special, we often compare it with gold. Gold is the symbol of fiftieth wedding anniversary. If you are one of the lucky few who get to celebrate this very special wedding anniversary, for sure you would make this a very memorable one. Getting through the storms of fifty years of marriage is such an accomplishment that not anyone can endure. On this very special day, the symbol of your love can be given by gifting your wife a golden ring. Gold is indeed a transitional metal that is symbolic of flexibility, radiance and wisdom. It is also known to represent perfection, refinement and illumination. There are many golden rings in the market today but this one is quite unique because it has the name of your loved one spelled in a beautiful manner. This gold ring is made of 14k rose gold filled. It comes with a gift box which makes it ready for gift giving anytime and anywhere.

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