Wedding Anniversary Date Ideas that Spell Romance

Last updated on March 28th, 2018

Wedding is the celebrated union between two souls who decided to be united for the rest of their lives.   Planning a wedding is a tedious and expensive one but what comes after this sacred ceremony is what most couples are looking forward to and that is their wedding anniversary.  Each year the couple celebrates their union through different ways, it may be through gifts that their partner likes or can’t live without.  If you would ask me, I think one of the best gift ideas for a wedding anniversary is the gift of experience that you can both enjoy and build memories together.

You may be a newlywed couple who is celebrating their first wedding anniversary or a long time couple is celebrating their silver anniversary, either way you would definitely be glad to see our prepared list of fantastic gifts of experience that you love birds would enjoy together on your wedding anniversary.

Here are some wedding anniversary date ideas that spell romance and will earn you a lot of brownie points from your spouse!

Romantic Dinner for Two

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Date night entails a scrumptious meal for you to share. It should be special and be a memorable night for the two of you but most especially if you’re celebrating your wedding anniversary. You may go to an expensive restaurant and reserve your slots but as we know, nothing can beat the comfort of being at home. On your wedding anniversary, why not try this romantic dinner for two where in a top caliber chef would cook and prepare your dinner at the comfort of your beloved and cozy home. With this gift of experience, you can say goodbye to queuing of reservations that takes months before you can get in.

Walking Food Tour

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If the two of you are both foodie then you would enjoy this gastronomical experience on your wedding anniversary. Check out this walking food tour and entice your palates as you take a tour from the beautiful and majestic Sacramento. Enjoy and savor together the refreshing beverage tastings and scrumptious food throughout your city tour. Hold hands while strolling as you munch and gulp together on this gastronomical adventure to remember.

Couples Massage

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Stress from home and at the workplace may cause the two of you to have a gap. In order to remove the stress away from each of you, why not relax and unwind together on your wedding anniversary by availing this couples massage. Both of you would be relaxed and rejuvenated, you choose from a 50 or an 80 minute massage. You would lie side by side with the one you love as your stress fades away with every glide and touch of the therapist.

Private Couples Painting Class

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If you want to try out something different on your date night for your wedding anniversary, go out and try this private couples painting class. Express your creativity with the one you love with your very own private art instructor as you learn proper painting techniques together. You can also bring your drink of choice to add up some fun to your date night!

Clay Class for Two

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Do you remember the classic romantic movie entitled “Ghost”? If you do, you can vividly recall how Demi Moore and her man passionately spent their time together as they mold clay in the room. Sounds cheesy, right? You and the love of your life can experience the same cheesy moment and ignite some creative sparks through this three hour class just for the two of you!

Zipline and Moaning Cavern Adventure

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If the two of you are up to some adrenalin rush, excitement and adventure then this zipline and moaning cavern adventure would be the perfect wedding anniversary experience that you should try. Experience descending into a cavern chamber together and some 40 MPH speed of quarter mile zipline while building fun memories together on your wedding anniversary.

Jet Ski Adventure Tour

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Wedding anniversaries are celebrated occasions that are very special to the couple. It is well thought of by the couple so that they can enjoy and look forward to this commemoration of their very special day in their lives. If you want to experience the beauty of New York while on a jet ski then this adventure tour would be perfect for your wedding anniversary. You can enjoy the beauty of New York with an outstanding licensed tour guide for an hour while driving a jet ski.


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Experience an exciting sport such as kiteboarding on your anniversary and soar high together in the sky. Feel free and be amazed together while learning the basics of kiteboarding from a certified trainer. Enjoy the superb view of the city as you soar high and enjoy too with your loved one. It’s just flying a kite, only this time you are on it!

Hang Glide Class

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Learn how to fly like a bird together on your wedding anniversary date through this hang glide class. Your wedding anniversary would certainly be memorable and one of a kind as compared to the rest when you get to avail of this. Learn how to hang glide with the help of a US certified instructor with over 20 years of experience. Fly together and ease your stress away as you build bond with your sweetheart on your wedding anniversary.

Learn to Scuba Dive

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Learning something new together as a couple brings a stronger bond and makes your love for each other ignite even more. On your wedding anniversary, why not try scuba diving. Learn the basics of scuba diving from a highly trained and certified instructor who has been in the scuba diving teaching business for over 12 years! You can also complete the course together and be certified too!

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