Beautiful Volleyball Jewelry You Can Give as Gifts

Last updated on June 11th, 2018

People usually like to go out in style. Whether they are going to the mall or to the gym, some athletes like to present themselves with some fashion and poise. These volleyball jewelry will serve as the perfect complement to your get up and this can also be given out as a gift!

Live Love Volleyball Charm Bracelet

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This charm bangle is the perfect gift for any volleyball player or coach out there! You can also give this gift to your team as a token of your appreciation for all that they have done not only for you, but for the team. This beautiful piece of jewelry has an inscribed quote that says, “She believed she could so she did” which will surely motivate anybody who wishes to be the absolute best player out there on the court!

Love Volleyball Bracelet

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This bracelet would be wonderful as a gift to your peers on the court. It is very adorable and you can choose from different colors and different charms! It can also be adjusted easily so that it could fit the wearer’s wrist to their desired length. In addition to that, this can also be worn while playing and it can also be used as an accessory while you roll down the streets with your team mates in style and poise!

Silver Volleyball Necklace

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A small silver necklace is always a good option as a gift to anyone you know but this necklace is especially unique. This accessory will definitely be cherished by the player you are going to give this to because this one is designed with a sleek volleyball engraved on it. This special piece is made with sterling silver and that is why it has a very nice shine to it which will surely make the player remember you whenever they see or wear it.

Volleball Necklace

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A gift like a ball volleyball jewelry like this will surely make the player see how much they mean to you. A very shiny and amazing looking piece of accessory is great choice with an almost complete no fail percentage of making any player smile. This necklace has a pendant that of a volleyball adorned with small pieces of shiny gems along with the lining making it look more special than it already is. It can be worn anywhere even just as an everyday thing making it a great gift.

Crystal Volleball Pendant

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For anyone who loves volleyball this gift will certainly make them happy to the high heavens. This piece comes with a good velveteen gift wrap that can act as its safe place for when the person needs to put it away for some time. It is purely silver with no dark lining along the pendant but is adorned with lovely white gems. Now the winning factor for this is that the necklace is protected from tarnishing so you and that friend of yours won’t have to worry about it rusting even while being worn during an intense game.

Athlete's Rosary Bracelet

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This is a special choice for your friends that play on the court signifying your wish for them to stay safe and do great on the court. The person you will give this to will definitely appreciate the effort and uniqueness of your chosen gift. This athlete rosary has the cross pendant made with wood and along both side of it are two beads with a volleyball looking circles. It can for certain be worn on and off the court along with its adjustable cord.

"Volleyball" Keychain

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Now, this one is a gift for those players who aren’t fond of wearing body accessories. A key chain will definitely be a great accessory gift that will still be a great memento they can bring around and not have to wear. This gift is shaped like a key having a volleyball engraved by the upper part of the item and the word volley along the end of the piece. It is a very flexible gift that can be put on the players bag and anywhere they wish to put it on.

Volleyball Angel Clasp

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If you know anyone who is like such a graceful angel in the court, receiving hard to get serves and protecting the team, this will be the perfect gift for them. This clasp is simple yet very distinct with its design of a volleyball with small wings on it. This will show your deep appreciation for their role in the team or can even just share your love for volleyball. This has a lobster clasp on it enabling anyone to be able to bring it along with their bags, along your set of keys etc.

St. Sebastian Volleyball Jewelry Charm

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The beautiful charm can be put on any bracelet and is a very good choice for that player you know of. This handmade piece is guaranteed a lifetime of not tarnishing so even if it’s being worn on the court your mind can be sound without thinking of it fading. It has St. Sebastian on the piece which will be, for sure, appreciated. The charm looks like, from the top a small baby face with angel wings down by it and there is a small chain that connects it with an oblong piece that says ‘Saint Sebastian pray for me’ around an image of a two people playing volleyball.

Volleyball Angel Pin

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An angel hat lapel pin is an extraordinary choice for a gift, you can think of giving bracelets, necklaces and charm but a lapel pin takes the cake. It can be worn on a player’s shirt without it coming off even in game because it has a metal clasp securing it in place or it can also be put on the player’s bag. It looks a like a man with small wings playing volleyball, he is wearing a sports tee with a number two on it serving a golden colored ball. A certainly eye-grabbing piece for anyone you give it to.

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