Cheap Valentines Day Gifts Under 5 Dollars

Last updated on July 27th, 2016

Broke on Hearts Day? Do not worry, friend. Here are some inexpensive, dirt-cheap, Valentines Day gifts under 5 dollars. You can give these to your lover or friends! These look so good, they won’t suspect you got these for next to nothing!

Tabasco Chocolate

Tabasco Chocolate

Hot! Delicious! Just like your lover! Chocolates are nice to eat on Valentines day and this Tabasco Chocolate is a perfect Valentines sweet you can give to either a female or male lover. Tip: Your gift note: “Rses are red, violets are blue. This chocolate is hot, and so are you!”

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Butler’s Hot Chocolate Truffles

Butlers Hot Chocolate Truffles

This are a really unique chocolate treat! Firstly, you can eat them as nice chocolate truffles. The chocolate is firm and the gooey, velvety center and so delicious. Secondly, you can melt them in hot milk to make a super relaxing chocolate drink! This is perfect as Valentines presents for friends or as a treat to woe your girlfriend.

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Monkey Heart Plush

Plush Valentines Day Gifts Under 5 Dollars

Monkey Heart Plush

Plush toys are also a popular gift idea during Valentines day and this purple monkey plush is not only inexpensive, it also looks too cute! A little something for your lovely girlfriend to hug and squeeze when she is sleeping without you by her side.

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Teddy Bear Heart Plush

Teddy Beart Heart Plush

A little something to give your girlfriend if you think the monkey above is too colorful.

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Couple’s Rings

Couples RIngs

Cute rings to give as a romantic Valentines Day gift for your sweetie. Or to a couple you like. These rings are quite inexpensive but look really really nice.

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Dandelion Necklace

Jewellery Valentines Day Gifts Under 5 Dollars

Dandelion Necklace

So dainty, so beautiful! If you are looking for a nice inexpensive jewellery gift for a girl, then this is the one you are looking for! This is a nice eco-chic V-day gift for someone who loves Mother Nature.

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Small Jewellery Box

Jewellery Box

So, with the jewelries mentioned above and the jewelries you gave her in the past, she is bound to have  one or two favorites, right? Then, you can give her this small jewellery box. This super nice, antique looking box can contain one or two pieces of jewellery perfect for her favorites.

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A Classic Pinstripe Necktie

Red Satin Necktie

A man loves receiving practical gifts that he can use, rather than decorative ones, so you should get him a nice looking tie. This satin pinstriped necktie will be perfect for his dress shirts. get him a red one… the color of Valentines Day.

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Black Shiny Pocket Watch

Valentines Day Gifts Under 5 Dollars for Men

Black Shiny Pocketwatch

Wow! Who would think this super nice pocket watch is under five bucks? Pocket watches look very elegant and it just screams “gentleman”. Get him one and he will look ten times sexier.

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