11 Unusual Gift Toppers That Look Really Good

Last updated on December 2nd, 2019

Gift toppers are always the finishing touches of a gift. It is like the hair on the top of our heads… it completes the look of the face and the face can look weird if the hair is missing.

Besides the usual bows, ribbons and flowers, you can use other gift toppers that are unusual, but quite genius.

Here are some unusual gift toppers you can copy on your next gift wrapping session:

Sea Shells Look So Nice!

Sea Shells Plus More Unusual Gift Topper Ideas

Anastasia Marie is such a creative soul! Her seashells gift topper is probably the prettiest in this collection and I have never heard of a sea shell gift topper yet. This just looks gorgeous.

Lollipop and Candy Canes Give Gifts a Playful Look

Candies Plus More Unusual Gift Topper Ideas

This looks really nice! You can just tie the candy cane or lollipop with a natural twine and the outcome looks cute. Image from Kotipalapeli. It is in foreign language, but you can use Google Translate!

Packed Candies Also Achieve the Same Playful Charm

Packed Candies Plus More Unusual Gift Topper Ideas

Tying candies that have elongated wrappers, like M & M’s and Skittles achieve a nice playful spin on the conventional gift bow. Image came from Crafting in the Rain.

Leaves Leads Us Back to Nature’s Beauty

Leaf Plus More Unusual Gift Topper Ideas

The idea of putting natural textures to gift boxes is a nice idea. Leaves are beautiful and can signify the season of the gift. A dried maple leaf can show autumn while holy leaves automatically gives a gift a Christmas feel. Image courtesy of Martha Stewart.

Toy Cars Are Great for Gifts for Little Boys

Toy Cars Plus More Unusual Gift Topper Ideas

This is perfect for a little boy’s birthday part, don’t you think?

I just saw this on Pinterest but cannot locate the original source. If anyone knows, please tell me through the comments so I can give proper credit.

Toy Animal Toppers Are Perfect for Children’s Gifts Overall

Toy Animals Plus More Unusual Gift Topper Ideas

This usual gift topper looks so nice but very easy to make. Just spray paint a toy animal with the color that goes with the gift box’s color scheme, let dry, then glue on top of the gift. I figure you can also use action figures for boys or small dolls for girls. Instructions is found at Hello Bee.

Balloons as a Gift Topper is Festive

Balloons Gift Topper Plus More Unusual Gift Topper Ideas

Lena Sekine‘s balloon topper idea just looks festive! Perfect for birthday parties of little girls.

Twig Trees Christmas Gift Toppers

Twig Trees Plus More Unusual Gift Topper Ideas

Fellow Fellow has a nice step-by step instruction for this super creative gift topper. I have never seen anything like this before! So nice.

Nest (With Eggs!)

Nest Plus More Unusual Gift Topper Ideas

So creative! With just some yarn, you can craft an unusual gift topper that looks like a bird’s nest! Helana and Dali has all the instructions on how you can craft this for your gifts.

This Money Wreath

Money Rosette Cash gift

You can make a nice Money Rosette, too! You can view this from our post at Creative Ways to Give Money.

Feathers (Dove Feathers, Peacock Feathers, Even Chicken Feathers)

Feathers  Plus More Unusual Gift Topper Ideas

How pretty! You can use a feather to top a gift to give it a nice, sophisticated charm. You can use different kinds of feathers… dove feathers, peacock feathers, even chicken feathers. They are all pretty! This peacock feather gift wrap is courtesy of Older and Wisor.

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