Awesomely Unique Cutting Boards to Make Chopping Fun

Cooking is easy for those who are gifted with the talent of mixing ingredients to come up with a scrumptious feast afterwards.  For those who are not well endowed with the talents and skills in cooking, even the preparation of the ingredients is already a tedious task to deal with.  Ingredients need to sliced, diced, minced, cut in different styles and what not.  Chopping and slicing are tasks in the kitchen that makes it hard for the novice cook sometimes.  Well, if you would ask me, I find this boring and I could answer for this as well especially when it comes to cutting onions.  That’s the worst part when you can’t stop crying because of the fumes but that’s a different story!  To entice your novice cook to practice some more or to give your cooking prowess a special gift, we have handpicked the unique cutting boards to make chopping fun in the kitchen.  These boards are one of a kind and would surely give your cooking guru an added feature in the kitchen.

On the photo: Solar System Cutting Board, from Etsy, #8 on this list.


Colorful Antimicrobial Cutting Boards

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Chopping boards need not to be plain and boring, you can make cutting and chopping fun and lively with these colorful antimicrobial cutting boards. These cutting boards are fun to look at and most importantly they are antimicrobial too. This chopping board is foldable, easy to clean and microwave oven safe too. These colorful cutting boards are made of TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer) which are blended with phytoncide. Phytoncide is an all-natural compound which protects against bacterial growth. These colorful cutting boards are user friendly and are 99.99% anti-bacterial.

Monogrammed Froolu Beach Chairs Cutting Board

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If you have a cooking prowess in your list who is also fond of going to the beach then this unique chopping board is the best fit! This chopping board is a one of a kind cutting board with a design of froolu beach chairs. It’s like reminiscing the beach while prepping for dinner! This is also a personalized gift since it has a monogram of your recipient’s name. This could be a great house warming gift or a wedding gift too.

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Heart Shaped Coffee and Coffee Beans Chopping Board

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Coffee lovers can’t get enough of it! They even dream of drinking coffee or see it anywhere they go. If you have a coffee addict on your list then this unique chopping board would be the great gift idea for them. This coffee and heart shaped coffee beans chopping board is made of tempered and coated glass which includes a self-adhesive rubber feet that serves as support.

Ambrosia Maple Cutting Board

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Artsy people see art everywhere they go. They find appreciation in extra ordinary things and they value these unique items very much. This ambrosia maple cutting board is an eye catchy chopping board made of ambrosia maple that is asymmetrically cut which resembles an art piece. If I look at these cutting boards, I suddenly remembered Flintstones as these look ancient and classy at the same time.

Bamboo Cutting Board

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Bamboo is a good kind of wood when it comes to cutting because it is not too hard nor too soft just like Goldilocks’ porridge it is just right! This bamboo cutting board comes with colorful and dishwasher safe flexible cutting mats. Chop your block of cheese, frozen meat or any other ingredients that need cutting and chopping without a fuzz with this bamboo cutting board.

Vegetable Murderer Board

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Tickle your recipient’s funny bone with this unique cutting board. This cutting board is a funny gift idea for it has a design which says vegetable murderer! Kill some vegetables and create some tasty and healthy salad for the family with this vegetable murderer board.

Super Mom Board

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Moms are exceptional human beings for they have a big heart than most of us. They have a kind soul and a loving heart that keeps us warm and loved all the time. When it comes to appreciation, we might fall short but you can get by with this super mom board. This super mom board has an embedded super seal which says super mom. Your mom would certainly feel loved and appreciated with this super mom board.

Solar System Cutting Board

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Attention seeking people might be surprised to know that they are not the center of the solar system, rather it is the sun! Make them realize that the sun is the center of the solar system with this solar system cutting board. Geeks and science loving freaks who love to cook as well would certainly love this one of a kind chopping board as a gift!

Uniquely Shaped Chopping Board (Rabbit, Cloud, Pig, Etc.)

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Take your pick and make some fantastic ingredients as you enjoy cutting them with these uniquely shaped chopping boards. These chopping boards come in different sizes and shapes to your liking. These chopping boards are made of bleach wood. You can choose your very own Mickey cutting board, fish cutting board or even a cloud cutting board. These cutting boards are cut and designed as ordered.

Personalized Glass Chopping board

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If you can’t get enough of a loved one or rather would like to slice your enemy’s face whenever you feel like doing so then this personalized glass chopping board is the best chopping board for you! This chopping board can envelope your loved one’s photo or rather choose to include your worst enemy’s photo as a design. This personalized chopping board is made of glass.

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