Unique Candies To Give Your Love This Valentine’s Day

Sweets for the sweet. Valentine’s Day, traditionally, (Halloween as well?) is a day for people to give and receive as many sweets to their loved ones. For some, you can go the long mile and make handmade chocolates or cookies. But if you are looking for something to sweep your love off his/her feet, you can choose these unique candy alternatives:

Galaxy Lollipops

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Galaxy design became extremely popular in the recent years. People would incorporate the design into as much material as they can think of. Galaxy cakes, donuts, cookies, and now…lollipops! Lollipops are handy candies and with an enchanting celestial body encapsulated in a small spherical candy, it’s a winner.

Beer Cotton Candy

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Who says beer should only be found in a drinking glass? Beer flavored cotton candy is for the ladies, especially men, out there who loves the bitter taste. You don’t have to wait for a Friday night to grab yourself a beer. I’ll let you in a little secret: if your girlfriend/boyfriend loves a good beer, this one is totally safe to bring and eat at work.

Giant Kisses

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You don’t need extra encouragement to grab a big bag of kisses for your lady love. But you’re a little reluctant as it seemed that you’ve been doing the same thing over and over again for her every Valentine’s Day. What to do? A GIANT kiss(es)! Encased in a clear plastic casing, it’s a chocolate of gift quality proportions.

Bean Boozled

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Bean Boozled Challenge has been trending for quite some time now and for good…or bad reasons. Classic jellybeans with the weirdest flavor selection available, mixed in with regular-flavored, SAME-COLORED jellybeans. Barf flavor? Check. Booger? Yes! This gift ox includes three new flavors: spoiled milk, coconut and dead fish, and one life-saver: strawberry banana smoothie. Every jellybean is a risk.

Japanese Kit Kats

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Japan is known for their unique take on perhaps everything under the sun. Kit Kat did not go unnoticed. People have been raving about how good the Japanese flavors are and it can be a real pain to look for them on local supermarkets. This set includes 16 different flavors, ranging from classic international flavors and traditional Japanese flavors.

Toilet Candy

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A hilarious take on the candy and sour powder dip concept: this one has a lollipop for the plunger and the powder dip in a small toilet bowl! The packaging is beyond genius that it’s so ridiculous. It’s perfect for those couples who have already crossed the bathroom milestone.

Popin Cookin DIY Candy

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This one has also been trending for the entertainment purposes it gives rather than the taste of the candies (some say it ranges from bleh to meh). Once again, the Japanese did it. Various candy kits where you can create the candy yourself. The picture instructions are easy to follow and child-friendly so you will not be worrying about getting lost among the Japanese letters.

Bacon Mints

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Everyone loves bacon and hates bad breath so you’ll achieve both with this Bacon Mints. They taste like fresh, crispy-fried bacon with a hint of mint to keep your breath smelling savory. No worries about bad breath when on dates.

Harry Potter Candy Bundle

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If you guys are Potterheads, you don’t need to be on board the Hogwarts Express or go to Diagon Alley to get their delectables. The set contains the Chocolate Frog with rice crispies, Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans, and the Jelly Slugs. Perfect snacks for a Harry Potter marathon!

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