Traditional 2nd Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him: Cotton

Last updated on September 19th, 2018

Wedding anniversary gifts are usually themed. For the second year wedding anniversary, the theme is cotton. Couples usually give each other gifts made of cotton to celebrate two years together. If you are going to celebrate two blissful years with your husband, you should probably give him a cotton gift.

Here is a list of 26 cotton anniversary gifts for him. This list is subdivided into three, which are something useful, something romantic and something fun. Take note that these are gift suggestions for a husband. If you are looking something for your wife, check out this article.

Useful Cotton Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

This psychedelic shirt brings you back to the 70's, eh?

This psychedelic shirt brings you back to the 70’s, eh?

Guys love to receive useful, practical stuff! You can always go to the useful route.

  1. A dress shirt. Go for the classic colored ones, white, blue, black… a guy needs a lot of these because these are so versatile.
  2. Boxer briefs. Especially if your man is in good shape. This shows you still have the hots for him.
  3. You can also go for the funny route and buy him some funny, offbeat boxers.
  4. Bath towel. Super useful!
  5. Cotton pajamas. He can wear this every time he is tired from a hard day’s work.
  6. A nice cotton necktie. To go with the dress shirt.  Go for nice, unconventional colors to add some flair to the classic dress shirt I mentioned above.
  7. Colorful dress socks. This adds splash of playfulness into his wardrobe!
  8. This psychedelic shirt. Super cute! If your hubby experienced the psychedelic era, he will appreciate this immensely.
  9. A baseball cap. A lot of guys love to use baseball caps.
  10. A pair of sweatpants. For lazy Saturdays.

Romantic Cotton Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

This pair of socks is very punny!

This pair of socks is very punny!

You can romance your husband through these romantic anniversary gift ideas:

  1. A picture quilt. You can get a customized quilt from Etsy… just insert a few pictures of you guys together!
  2. This framed hand printed initials and date on fabric.
  3. Couple’s shirts. Be sure you pick the design that won’t make him look stupid while wearing it without you. Something like this Beauty + Beast Couple’s Shirts.
  4. These “Sole Mates” socks. Very romantic without being too girly.
  5. Personalized throw blanket with a picture of you to printed on it. You can also buy one of these from Zazzle. Just insert your photos!
  6. Couple’s pillowcases. I love the idea of this couples pillowcases where there is Batman and Catwoman. So cute!

Fun Cotton Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

A hammock is an uncommon cotton gift. Also very fun and comfy!

A hammock is an uncommon cotton gift. Also very fun and comfy!

Cotton can also be a fun gift that can entertain, make him laugh or excite him. Take a look at these super nice cotton wedding anniversary gifts for him:

  1. Bathrobes! He will totally look like a young Hugh Heffner.
  2. A hammock. This will give your man something to laze on at weekends.
  3. A funny macho man apron he can use during barbecue Sundays with his buddies.
  4. Knitted knight helmet hat. This is a really nice wedding anniversary gift idea for a geeky husband. He will love you for this!
  5. Cotton candies! Maybe you can go to a theme park and buy yourselves these super sweet treats?
  6. A cotton candy making lessons, perhaps? Just search for experiences online, I am sure you can find some.
  7. How about a cotton candy machine? This one is really nice.
  8. Visit a cotton farm. And see the looming process?
  9. Oh! You can also learn how to loom and turn cotton into fabric.
  10. A vacation to Puenta Gorda. Stay at the Cotton Tree Lodge.

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