Traditional 2nd Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her: Cotton

Last updated on September 19th, 2018

Wedding anniversary gifts are usually themed and for the second year of marriage, cotton is the traditional theme for gifts. Are you looking for traditional cotton wedding anniversary gifts for her? I have a list right here.

This gift ideas list is a mix of keepsake gifts, experience gifts and DIY gifts. You just choose what you like. Nothing is stopping you from giving your beautiful wife more than one cotton gifts! Note that this list is composed of anniversary gift suggestions for the wife. If you are looking for something to give to your hubby, you need to check out this article.

This list is also divided into three groups: the useful gifts, the romantic gifts and the fun gifts. Pick what suits her personality!

Useful Cotton Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

A maxi dress is a nice cotton wedding anniversary gift for her!

A maxi dress is a nice cotton wedding anniversary gift for her!

You can go an give useful anniversary gifts for your wife. Here are some ideas:

  1. A night dress…
  2. Or a maxi dress! I love the look of a maxi dress on my wife… maybe you should get your wife one too.
  3. How about a nice pair of capri pants?
  4. You can also throw in a scarf for those cold days!
  5. How about this super cute Wonder Woman apron? Tell her she is your wonder woman.
  6. A canvass handbag is a nice thoughtful gift she can use.
  7. Canvas shoes. She can totally rock a pair of Chucks, don’t you think?
  8. A cloth wallet.
  9. You can also give your wife a watch with a canvass strap. It looks preppy and your wife can wear it on casual days.
  10. A personalized towel is a nice cotton anniversary gift. You can throw in a bubble bath so you two can use it.
  11. This cotton rope necklace from Etsy. Who would have thought you can buy jewellery made of cotton?
  12. Cardigan. For those cold winter days.

Romantic Cotton Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

A super nice and romantic cotton anniversary canvass.

A super nice and romantic cotton anniversary canvass.

Romance her with your gifts!

  1. A customized throw blanket. Put the happiest picture of you two into the throw. You can buy customized throws at Just upload your photo!
  2. A framed canvass. Decorative and romantic!
  3. Couple’s shirts. Please do get her something she can wear even without you beside her. Something like this “I’ll be your chocolate / I’ll be your marshmallow” shirts.
  4. Boldloft has super nice couple’s pillow cases. I like this “magnetized” artwork on the pillow cases.
  5. Plush toys are stuffed with cotton! Give her a large teddy bear.
  6. Cotton roses. Decorative and very sweet.
  7. These “You Make My Toes Wiggle!” socks. Sweet, funny, romantic!
  8. Comfy duvet bed sheets. I am positive bedroom activities will go up with a bed so comfortable.

Fun Cotton Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

Cotton Candy Anniversary Gift Idea - a Cotton Candy Photoshoot

Put a little spin on the traditional 2nd cotton anniversary gift and have a cotton candy photoshoot!

A cotton gift that will excite or make her laugh.

  1. You can go out and see how cotton is harvested and loomed into fabric!
  2. Go to a theme park, buy cotton candy.
  3. Or just buy cotton candy maker and create sweet candies and sweet memories at home!
  4. How about a photoshoot? Cotton candy themed! Maybe you can have a carnival theme while holding cotton candies? Something like the photo on the right (or on top if you are in mobile). The photoshoot looks really really fun. (Hat tip to Erica Houck for the wonderful idea and giving me permission to grab the photo… if you want to get a photoshoot for your wedding anniversary celebration, hire her through at Erica Houck Photography. I have seen very artistic photographs there.)
  5. How about some plush slippers? These unicorn plush slippers are very comfy and cute and magical. She will wear these every day at home!
  6. Cotton bath robe. Maybe also invite her for a spa.
  7. Porch hammock. This is a really nice cotton wedding anniversary gift that you can use too.
  8. How about a tour to Cottonwood, Arizona? There are tons of tourist spots there!

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