Traditional 1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him: Paper

Last updated on September 19th, 2018

Anniversary gifts are typically themed. The traditional theme for first anniversary is paper and couples usually give paper gift ideas to each other. in this topic, we will discuss thirty traditional wedding anniversary gifts for him, your husband. The list is divided into three sections, which are useful, romantic and fun.

Useful Paper Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

Decorative framed poems are good to look at!

Decorative framed poems are good to look at!

Men are usually practical so they want useful stuff. You can go down this route and give him the following ideas:

  1. A book or magazine subscription.
  2. A journal.
  3. Paper mache smartphone ornament. You can check this video on how to make one!
  4. This paperless stapler.
  5. Decorative framed poems.
  6. Make him a DIY book safe.
  7. Personalized photo calendar.
  8. This is not for the tight-budgeted… paper furniture! These look stunningly minimalist.
  9. A paper lamp.
  10. Paper mache deer antlers.

Romantic Paper Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas from Him

A collage frame is a romantic paper anniversary gift idea.

A collage frame is a romantic paper anniversary gift idea.

You can also go into the romantic route, which is the main focus of anniversaries, eh?

  1. A poem you handwritten on paper!
  2. Or, if poetry is not your forte, write him a heartfelt love letter.
  3. Compile a picture of both of you, compile them in a collage frame!
  4. You can also make a scrapbook of you two if you are feeling artsy.
  5. This 52 ways to love you cards. These are super sweet and you can cheaply make them.
  6. Order a jigsaw puzzle, featuring the photo of you both. All you ahve to do is upload your best photo at Zazzle and buy it! You can both solve it.
  7. You can show your labor of love through making a paper mache figurine.
  8. Surprise him with a blanket fort date, decorate it with origami swans and flowers.
  9. Make 100 notes of love, put them where he is bound to find them. Examples are in his coffee grounds, his car dashboard, his pants pockets.
  10. How a cute DIY card?

Fun Paper Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas from Him

LOL! I am already laughing at the cover image of this coffee table book. This is a nice paper anniversary gift idea!

LOL! I am already laughing at the cover image!

You can also make him laugh and have fun with your paper anniversary presents!

  1. Concert tickets… watch his favorite band with him…
  2. …or baseball or football tickets or whatever sports he is into!
  3. Cruise tickets? Perhaps?
  4. Plane tickets to a romantic destination! To somewhere warm and sunny, perhaps?
  5. Sexy Coupons… your man will like using these!
  6. A map. Tell him you will be going on a road trip.
  7. If he is a geek, you can get him a huge poster of his favorite video game, fandom or movie.
  8. Schedule yourself to a boudoir photoshoot, give him the prints. You will feel beautiful too! Yowza!
  9. Go to a paper lantern festival.
  10. A funny coffee table book.

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