15 Tips for a Successful Gift Giving Experience

Last updated on November 5th, 2015

Looking for a gift for someone? Here are some tips on how to make gift giving successful.

  1. You should always tailor your gift to the receiver. Your preferences do not matter, and you should get what the receiver want and not what you want for them.
  2. Expensive does not always mean the gift is a good one. In fact, the price tag of the present might make the receiver uncomfortable especially if it is high.
  3. Food gifts are one of the most appreciated gifts.
  4. Different cultures attach different meanings for gifts. For example, the Chinese people believe that shoes signify separation in a relationship. Colors of the wrapping matters too.
  5. Remove the price tag before wrapping the gift. A price tag on the gifted item can signify that you are buying their love or friendship.
  6. Like conversations with that hottie in the bar, avoid gifts that are political, religious or sexual in nature. The last one has an exemption, and that is if you are in a sexual relationship with the recipient.
  7. Your intention when gift giving matters. Giving gifts with the intention of personal gain often fails royally. If you are going to give a present, make sure your intention is to make the person happy. Be sincere and do not expect a gift in return.
  8. Giving gifts at work is, most of the time, taboo…
  9. … And if a workplace allows gift giving, try to make your gift fall below 20 dollars, or better yet, buy a food gift the whole team can enjoy.
  10. Do not skimp on the wrapping! I think the gift wrap performs half of the purpose of the gift, and that is to make the receiver happy. For me, a gorgeously wrapped present touches me, knowing the giver spent extra time making the gift pleasing for my eyes.
  11. Add a tag or a note! Of course the receiver wants to know who that gift came from and if it really is for them. Bonus for a handwritten, touching message.
  12. Size does not matter. A small or light gift does not mean the gift is not quality.
  13. Cash is an acceptable gift, but only on some occasions. Put it in an envelope or a greeting card. You can also be creative in presenting cash to the recipient.
  14. Know how to give the gift properly. Some cultures will refuse your gift three times before finally receiving and sometimes you have to use your left, your right or both hands to give the gift.
  15. Give the gift confidently!

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