Tiger-Themed Gift Ideas for Tiger Lovers

Last updated on April 12th, 2018

Many people in the world are crazy about cats. Some of these people even love more your not-so-ordinary cat but the largest of all living cats – the TIGER.  Tigers are known for their great focus and determination. They tend to live alone and just gather when it’s time to mate. They can leap as much as thirty feet in just a single bound. They can also travel long distances. Tigers are undeniably powerful, mysterious and stunning all at the same time.

However, tigers are also one of the most endangered animals now. Their fine tiger stripe pattern skin sells really well in black market. That is why they are big targets of animal poaching and illegal hunting activities.  Today, only six remaining subspecies of tiger remain – the Bengal, Siberian, Sumatran, Indochinese, South China, and Malayan.

Mike Tyson, a wealthy boxing star sports his love for tigers by raising his very own pet tiger in a large mansion and along with the help from his servants. Owning a tiger may sound an absolute thr1ill but it is definitely no easy. When not properly fed, a tiger may consume you for their meal. Fortunately, the internet has gifted us these lovely and exquisite tiger-themed gift ideas to show your tiger pride.

Life-like Tiger Plush Toy

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You may not get real close with an actual tiger but you can embrace this lifelike plush tiger anytime at the comforts of your home. This elegant Siberian tiger features beautiful markings and realistic details, you will surely show this off in your living room or keep it all for yourself in your bedroom.

Tiger Throw Pillow

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Do you want to decorate your bed or couch with tiger accents? Add a wildlife accent with this tiger design pillow and you'll also find yourself a perfect buddy to snuggle with a movie. This is one of the best tiger-themed gift ideas you can give to a house warming.

Tiger-Patter Fleece Blanket

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Admit it. It's sad to cuddle by yourself especially in cold or winter nights. Worry no more with this delicate, soft and colorful fleece blanket and wrap yourself in a personalized plush luxury. You can even throw it over your head and dash around your house pretending to be a tiger just for fun.

Tiger Wall Decor

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Make your walls reflect the tiger personality within you! Brighten up your home or office with this ready-to-hang wall décor and give your guests a roaring welcome every time they come in.

Tiger Design Jansport Backpack

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Nothing can beat JanSport when it comes to the hearthrob bags on campus. Get yours too and let this tiger design give you the confidence in all you do. This doesn't just fit your books well at school but can also survive your heavy commuting routine.

Tiger Face Luggage Tag

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Tigers surely stand out because of their beautiful stripes and patterns. Achieve the same and get your luggage, suitcase or bags stand up to the travel basics of any road warrior. Get in love with this tiger silhouette face design that shows the popping blue in the tiger's eye in contrast with the black and white skin and organic looking stripes. Tiger-themed gift ideas like these scream "vacation!".

Hanging Tiger Keychain

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Set your keys apart with this silver tiger keychain with red Swarovski stone eyes. It is really nice to see this fine keychain with your key hanging and dangling when you drive.

Tiger Eye Bead Bracelet

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A tiger eye stone is a protective stone with dynamic energy that represents strength depending on the color—golden yellow, deep red, and anything in-between. Wearing a tiger eye bead bracelet will give you the courage and patience to wait for the right timing and to fight negative energy. Plus it looks casual so it is perfect for any outfit.

Tiger Sweatshirt

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Get all the girls talking in this sweatshirt made to wear for everyday use. This classic crew-neck sweatshirt has kangaroo front pockets that makes it great for any outdoor activity, sportswear or just hanging around.

Tiger Sandals

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Tigers have got a calm inner being and total concentration when catching a prey. So stalk like a tiger with these cute but fierce looking Siberian tiger flip flops as you prank your family or friends and roar with laughter.

Tiger Print Neck Tie

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Create a fashion statement while still looking formal as you match your tailored suit and custom tiger print tie. The missing formula to complete your classy and polished look is just right here. This is the most useful tiger-themed gift ideas for a guy who works in the office.

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