Third Wedding Anniversary Gifts: Leather, Crystal and Others

Last updated on March 15th, 2018

During the third wedding year, most couples start to have the kids and get comfy with each other. The third wedding anniversary is the time when couples give leather or crystal gifts as traditional and modern gift ideas, respectively. Third anniversary are often celebrated by giving a spouse (or the couple who are celebrating) gifts that are made of leather (traditional) or crystal (modern).

If you and your spouse are celebrating your third year, congratulations and I have gift ideas for you. If you hold a couple dear and they are going to celebrate their third wedding year, you might want to look at these gift ideas for third wedding anniversary, too.

Leather Bound Memory Book (Of You Both)

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You know what is a great gift idea? Compile the most memorable (and flattering) pictures of you both and add them to this memory book. Give this to your spouse at the end of your third anniversary date. This memory book will do the job well because it is made of leather and the traditional gift idea for the third year anniversary is leather.

For the Husband: Leather Wallet

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The husbands will definitely love to receive something that will replace his old tattered leather wallet. This super good looking tri-fold wallet can contain more cards, cash and receipts than a OCD paper collector. Do not think this gift id boring, ladies! Men would prefer something that is useful than something decorative any day. This is a great symbolic gift for your husband, women!

For the Wife: Leather Rose

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The wife would love something that is symbolic and memorable, gentlemen. This piece of decorative rose looks good and it represents leather, the traditional gift idea for third wedding anniversaries. Your wife can put this on top of her desk if she works in an office, or on her bedside table.

For the Husband: Crystal Cufflinks

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A good crystal jewelry like these fine cufflinks will do the trick in making your husband more elegant during work days. He will definitely look great with these on and his co-workers will pay him complements with your gift. A huge ego boost!

For the Wife: Crystal Jewelry

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The wife would love to receive an sparkly, breath-taking set of crystal earrings, like this super fashionable crystal danging earrings. Women just love a good-looking piece of jewelry and picking this kind of gift for your wife will earn you more brownie points. These look elegant and have a bit of weight that indicates that it is made of glass, not cheap plastic.

Crystal Couple's Watch

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If you are give a gift to a couple who celebrates their third year, this super elegant crystal couple's watch is a great gift idea for this occasion. The couple will appreciate the time (pun intended) you took picking for an awesome gift for them. This high quality pair of watches is made of black and gold alloy, with crystal details.

Crystal Mantle Clock

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This is another great crystal gift idea for a third anniversary. This mantle clock just looks so elegant and a couple celebrating their third year will love this. Waterford, a renowned manufacturer of crystal products have perfected the creation of crystal clocks like this, so you should get this one. This will look good on top of a coffee table or a fireplace mantle.

Whale Watching Tour in Hawaii

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Another great gift idea is not something tangible but an experience. This whale watching tour in the beautiful Maui, Hawaii is a great idea to give your spouse. You both can relax and have some fun. (May I suggest leaving the child home with grandma or grandpa?)

Wine and Painting Class

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If whale watching is not your thing, then you two should go and paint together. With a wine and painting class, you both will be instructed to create your very own obra maesta by artists who have created beautiful artworks themselves. This makes for a extra classy and memorable date that defines itself different from your regular nights out.

DIY 3rd Wedding Anniversary Gift: Remember, I Love Your Jars and Hearts

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The concept of this gift idea is simple but extremely sweet. What you have to do is to create little heart shaped packets (made of cloth or any material you are comfortable making or... you can grab one of these leather hearts so you can halve the creation time and make it even more symbolic) and hide them everywhere in the house. Let your spouse find them in their own (that means do not tell him where you hid them!) but make sure you hide them somewhere they are bound to find them (like inside the car or coffee jar). This is a long lasting DIY anniversary gift that is bound to give a loving feeling even a few days after.

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