33 Things to Do on Your Birthday (When Alone, With Family, With Your Lover, With Your Friends, For Charity, In Nature)

Last updated on February 20th, 2017

A birthday is a time to celebrate your life in the years of existence in this world and also, birth itself, the joy of life. During your childhood, you probably remember staying up all night before your birthday unable to sleep properly because of the presents, parties, people, and fun that awaited you the next morning.

Here are some great things to do on your birthday.

Things to Do When You Are Alone on Your Birthday

As the years gone by, some of the magic of birthdays is often lost, especially if you are facing celebrating your birthday alone. But always remember that being alone in your birthday, whether by choice or out of necessity—needn’t bring you down.

1.  Plan Out for Your Day

Well this is the most basic and the first thing you do when you are alone in your birthday. Plan something that you’ve always wanted to do. If you expect or unexpectedly be alone in your birthday, at least have some plan like how many hours you will spend on your birthday, where can you have your birthday in a way you won’t feel frustrated but rather relax. Where you can find joy and peace. A thing that makes you be reminded of the happy things, setting aside the painful one.

2.  Treat Yourself

If you aren’t expecting gifts and surprises from other people, why not treat yourself something new. Like giving yourself a voucher to a meditation retreats. It always helps and gives a relaxation to body. Or maybe use your disposable income on a new gadget or a less extravagant, short getaway, and watch most of your favorite movies in a comfortable setting. Treat yourself like you deserve something good for making it through another hectic year. That is always a great way to celebrate a birthday.

3.  Let Yourself Splurge on One Thing

Depriving yourself into something for months or years makes this birthday a memorable one. Let your birthday be the one day a year when you’re allowed to partake in ONE thing that you’ve been saying no to. This is obviously a hard one and may not be effective but also could be addictive if you’re taking drugs, alcohol or any bad habit. Just be careful in choosing because your birthday might become your regretful day.

4.  Give to Charity

People out there need help and you are blessed to have an average life in which other people find it hard to reach. I know it might be quite boring for you but believe me you will feel great when you see smile on needy people’s faces.

This experience will be lifetime as I am sure it will make your whole day just awesome, you will be happy. More over that you will get blessings from many people on your birthday, what else you want to your birthday?

5.  Spend Some “ME” Time

Everyone needs time for themselves and this is your chance to spend it to on your special day. Once in a while, let other people out for a while and let yourself speaks on you and listen to it. Give yourself a break from the outside world and let your inner self speak to you. In this world, time flies and many people forgetting to speak their selves and stress always ate them. Spending some “ME” time together lets you a bit energized after such alone times.

6.  Go Window Shopping

If you can’t stay in your house during your birthday because you are too bored to see your surroundings, why not spend some time window shopping to let yourself enjoy the sight and at the same time enjoy the surroundings? Unless you are a monk who vowed to live a life of detachment from worldly things. But don’t just limit yourself on that. By all means don’t just window shops, go into the store and touch it, play with it, wear it, or whatever the case may be or else you will be sound suspicious to them.

7.  Go for a Movie Marathon

Remember your favorite movie during your childhood? The movie you watched that make you go crazy about it? Why not make it a movie marathon again to experience the emotion you have during those times. If you want to lift your spirits, choose a comedy at a time, laugh out loud and you won’t feel so alone.

8.  Go Hiking By Yourself

Exercise, as part of your daily routine is a great way to clear your mind, but hiking outdoors gives you a chance to connect with nature at the same time. Spend your birthday in a peaceful and very green nature for it does not only relieve stress in yourselves but it is also good for your health and your mind. You will find yourself embracing the connection you feel with nature.

9.  Try A New Thing

One of the most fascinating things about spending another year on earth is having more time to learn new things. Every year, in your birthday, make a list of all the new things you have learnt in the last year and wanted to try next year for your birthday. It is never too late until you think it is. Do something new, fun and memorable. Birthday comes once a year and you might not know if it comes next year.

10. Cook for Yourself

Be excited because in your birthday, you will be the one making your food. Why not try out new recipe and cook a food that you wanted but always unable to do so because you didn’t get a chance. It really helps your skill in cooking improves, gives you a new knowledge and at the same time, let yourself enjoy the fun in cooking while many challenges awaits you in every procedure, and let yourself be the judge of your cooking.

Things to Do On Your Birthday With Your Family

11. Dinner at Home

The first people who have spent a lot of time and effort for our birthdays are our families, of course, and we love them to death for giving us gifts, so if you are a grown up now and far from home—go home!

Spend some time with your family at the very house where you grew up in and cook dinner with your mom. Maybe bake your own cake with your siblings, because the food the home is better than anything else.

12. Reservation at a Posh Restaurant

If you have some money to spare especially if you are already working, then go for a reservation at that luxurious restaurant with equally luxurious food that you have been hearing about for sometime now.

Don’t worry about overspending, consider this as a treat after every hard work you have been doing for a year and a treat for your endlessly proud family members, showing them how you have come so far in life, because of their support.

13. Go to the Park

There is nothing that the breeze and chirping birds could not cure. Life can be exhausting and there are endless worries that plagues our minds every day, but birthdays give you the perfect excuse to let go for a while and have some fun. So relax and go stroll in the park with your family and eat at those food stands that you love.

14. Staycation

Maybe you have already spend a lot of time celebrating at home and you have gone several times to stroll in the park. You want something new, but still relaxing and would bond you together. The answer to that is going on a staycation, where you choose a hotel where you would check in and generally pamper yourself with the 24/7 room service, food, spa and a whole lot more!

15. Take a Swim

Don’t what it is with swimming, but it can definitely put anyone into good mood (unless you have water phobia, that is.) and helps family bond together having fun water activities.

You can choose a resort with amazingly complicated and thrilling slides. Or you can opt for the beach where you can learn surfing with your family members and surely the number of mistakes you commit learning is going to get everyone cracking up with so much laughter.

Things to Do on Your Birthday With Your Spouse or Partner

16. Romantic Dinner

Maybe you are already married for a few years, but that doesn’t mean that you would stop the carefully planned date nights and if you have been neglecting this, then it is time to remedy that and go for a romantic dinner complete with candles and all, because it would bring back sweet memories of your time together. If you aren’t married yet, then all the more reason for a romantic dinner!

17. Cook at Home

We can be busy sometimes and hectic schedules mean that you see each other just for a kiss and then you say good bye and then go back home just to sleep. But it’s your birthday, so you deserve a time off, so dedicate this day cooking in at the comforts of your home. You can even shop at the supermarket together and choose the ingredients for your favorite food!

18. Go See the Stars

The hustle and bustle of the city can become overwhelming and the frustration of the day can wear you down. So recharge and take your spouse for some time away from the city and camp out under the shining stars. Nature can be rejuvenating and gives a sense of peace. It would surely bond you together and the stars are more romantic than those candles from a posh restaurant.

19. Spend the Day at the Amusement Park

Having fun is an important part of any relationship and laughter would always be the best medicine, so spend your birthday at the amusement park, because rides are better with someone who would laugh at you while you almost die screaming at the top of your lungs. There are also a lot of games and prizes to win, and of course, food to munch when you get tired and exhausted.

20. Binge Watch And Binge Eat All Day

Okay so both of you doesn’t have any money to spare but you don’t need a wad of cash to celebrate birthdays! Stay at home and binge watch movies or maybe series or two. Then raid your fridge for food and loads of popcorn.

Things to Do on Your Birthday With Your Friends

21. Party at the Club

Friends are the best company when you are drunk and dancing to the beat of the music. So go to the club and bar, order lots of beer and take a shot of tequila because you probably deserve a night out after weeks of being buried at work. So let go and sway with the music!

22. Pizza and Movies

Honestly, clubs can be expensive especially those who are luxurious and hot and drinks are even more money-magnet. So why don’t you just invite friends over to your home and set up the TV for binge watching movies or series or both? Then order in pizza! Pizza is life, after all.

23. Spa Day

Pampering yourself and enjoying feeling spoiled together with your friends is probably the best way to celebrate your birthday. So have a spa day and even guys can do this! Come on, massage is everything and clearing out those dirt from your faces can be so relaxing.

24. Booze and Games

If you are not too up for movies because you already watched every imaginable movies and series possible with your friends week after week. Then bring the booze home because it makes everything more fun than it really it [giggles] and then play some games. You can ruin friendship with Uno cards or monopoly. You can even be sporty if you have a large backyard.

25. Karaoke Night

Singing is a good stress reliever, especially when your friend cannot really sing and is always out of tune, but he or she is still the first one to get their hands on the mic. Better pull out those cameras and record this for blackmailing later on. Just kidding, sort of, but a karaoke day is definitely a good idea.

Things To Do On Your Birthday for Charity

26. Donating to Favorite Charity

You probably have an advocacy in life and whatever charity it is that has your heart, you should try and give some donations for your birthday. After all, you are celebrating another year full of life and blessing so why not share it to others, right? You can also rummage through your closet and look for neglected clothes that you can donate and buy other necessities to give to people who needed them the most.

27. Donating Blood

There are thousands of accidents happening all over the city alone and some of them are in desperate need of blood transfusions, because they probably experienced some heavy bleeding. So why don’t you donate a blood? You can save lives and at the same time, it would help cleanse your body and rejuvenate cells as well.

28. Visiting An Orphanage Or A Nursing Home

You can spend your day with orphans or the elderly by arranging a party in there or a small program just to liven up their day. They are, after all, the ones who needed love the most and your visitation would be a great help for their emotional and mental health.

29. Adopt a Pet

There are a lot of animals in the pound so instead of buying a pet from the pet store, please just choose to adopt one, because they desperately needed a furrent (see what we did there?) who would give them a forever home. Not only would you bless yourself with a loving and grateful pet, you would also be happier with a furrball snuggling with you in bed.

30. Charity Funds Instead of Gifts

You can also ask your family members and friends who would attend your birthday party to not bring you gifts, instead donate money or basic necessities that you can bring to your charity of choice. It’s a good advocacy and you would feel really lighthearted afterwards, because kindness makes hearts go tender.

Nature Tripping Things to Do On Your Birthday

31. Hiking and Camping

Nature is absolutely rejuvenating so if you want some time alone, you can schedule a hike on a known trail or even climb a mountain. You are guaranteed to feel exhausted but it is very rewarding when you are already at the finish line and seeing the wonders of nature. Plus, you get to breathe fresh air, watch amazing the sunset and generally have a peaceful day. Also, socializing with other mountaineers even gives you new friends!

32. Vitamin Sea

Everyone loves the beach because you get to be under the warm sun while splashing about in water. You can even enjoy several beach activities such as volleyball with friends, sailing, helmet diving and even banana boat rides. And the beach has the power to make you feel lighter and recharged.

33. Island Hopping

Once you are already in the beach, try renting a boat and a tour guide that could take you around the nearby islands for an adventure. You can then see the beauty of several islands, feel the sands of each on your feet, and swim in the waters. The breeze from the boat ride is also relaxing and thrilling all at once!

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