Tenth Wedding Anniversary Gifts: Tin, Aluminum, Diamonds and Others

Last updated on March 15th, 2018

When a married couple reaches the tenth year, it is another huge milestone, as big as the first year. This year always determines when the couple is going to stay together though the end, and not lead to a separation.

Couples who are celebrating their tenth year anniversary usually give each other gifts that are made of tin or aluminum (traditional) or diamond jewellery (modern). We will discuss some gift ideas that are suitable as themed gifts for the tenth anniversary, plus some gifts that are not themed but are nice as well.

Aluminum Wine Bottle Holder

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You probably both opened a lot of wine bottles to celebrate in the past eh? You can start celebrating your anniversary by getting this super cool aluminum wine bottle. This beautifully contemporary wine bottle is an elegant way to display your wine bottles. This is a great decor in your kitchen. This can hold up to six wine bottles.

Aluminum Jewellery for Her: Hammered Earrings

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Women just love jewellery and your wife is no exemption! You can give her these beautiful dangling aluminum earrings and she will be very thankful! These are very lightweight and are durable. Also the manufacturer have a lifetime guarantee with their jewellery, so your wife can have her earrings cleaned, inspected and polish the earrings. This is perfect for the woman who loves large earrings but does not ike the weight given by some earrings.

Aluminum Rose

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An aluminum rose is a great gift idea for your wife! If you have seen the tradition of giving wives themed anniversary roses (as mentioned in this anniversary gift ideas series) you can also get your wife an aluminum rose! This decorative aluminum rose is seven inches tall and your wife can place it on her work desk (if she works) or on your bedside table. This will give her something to look at until you give her another themed rose next year!

For the Husband: Aluminum Flask

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If your hubby likes his drinks on the go, you can give him this aluminum flask. This will keep his liquor cool even on the heat. This is perfect for the fitness buff hubby, because this can hold cold beverage like lemonade or water and it will warm up only slowly. Your husband will never have to buy drinks from out again, saving him money.

Tin Shakers

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Cocktail shakers are also called tin shakers. Get the connection? Since tin is another traditional gift idea for tenth year of marriage, tin shakers are also a great gift idea (although technically, many shakers and bartending sets are made of stainless steel nowadays). You can have your partner whip you up a delicious cocktail or why don't you show off your bartending skills and impress your partner?

Tin Cup Pearl Necklace

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Tin cup pearl necklaces are beautiful. These pieces of pearls look like they are floating in air. However, there in so real tin in this beautiful piece of jewellery. It is named tin cup necklace because this type of necklace was popularized by Rene Russo in the movie, Tin Cup. This does not make the gift idea less beautiful, either. Your wife will love the tin cup necklace, an addition to her jewellery given by only you.

Diamond Ring

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If you have the money to spend, why not give your loving wife a real diamond ring? Since diamonds are a modern theme for tenth wedding anniversary, you can give your wife this beautiful ring, and let it sparkle on her finger. I have an idea, you can reenact the time you proposed to her. This time, give this gorgeous ring. She will swoon again.

Diamond Gift Idea for Him: Diamond Cufflinks

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The guys can have diamonds too! This beautiful diamond cufflinks are a great gift idea for him your tenth anniversary celebration. This silver-gilded diamond ring looks like it was made for a king, perfect for your hubby, the king of your life. This is really pretty, and you won't think men cannot wear diamonds until now.

Diamond Gift Idea for Him: Learn to Fly a Diamond Aircraft

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Want to give your man a rush? This experience gift idea will give him a chance to fly a real plane! Men have a natural penchance to vehicles and flying an aircraft is one of the biggest experiences most men would want. Make it come true! Do not worry, ladies, your hubby will be instructed by a professional and experienced FAA pilot, with years of teaching knowledge.

DIY 10th Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Idea: TIn for Ten

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If you want to create a gift that is a labor of love, you can make this DIY tenth anniversary gift idea, which rides in the tin theme for the tenth anniversary gift idea. This is so simple, yet so adorable. You just have to dress up a clean tin can and put in ten distinct memories you both had. Make it super sweet! You can follow the instructions plus some more tenth anniversary gift ideas at Giggles Galore.

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