Ten Great Gift Ideas for Teachers and Professors

Last updated on November 25th, 2020

At the end of the school year, you might want to express your gratitude for a teacher who educated you. You can say this with a small gift your teacher can use or enjoy. Here are some great gift ideas for teachers that they will truly love.

This list can also go for various occasions like your teacher’s birthday, teacher appreciation day or Christmas.

Elements of a Teacher Mug

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Remember the days when you are to painstakingly memorize the table of elements? This mug will remind you of that. This Elements of a Teacher mug will be your special gift for a chemistry teacher. This colourful caffeine holder says the word, “TeAcHEr” using the tiles in the table of elements. This cool mug can hold 11 oz of liquid. That is a lot of coffee. Your C8H10N4O2 addicted teacher will love this!

Pi Shirt

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Everyone knows the Pi: that never-ending string of numbers many Math geeks worship. That dreaded string of numbers you were forced to memorize up to ten digits. Want some Pi on a shirt? The huge print of Pi on this cool shirt is gloriously created out of the first 4,493 digits of Pi. Well, it is obvious your Math teacher will love this shirt. He can wear this during casual days and people will ogle at his beautiful shirt, given by Y-O-U. You can thank Archimedes for the estimation of the value of Pi, now printed on this glorious 100% cotton shirt.

Crystal Apple Paperweight

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A crystal apple paperweight is a cool gift idea for the teacher who always has a lot of paper works. This one looks just gorgeous and your teacher will display it on her desk and will use this as she checks your class exam. Hope you got an A+ because this gift idea just got you that score of her books.

Thank You: A Book for Teachers

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How about an inspirational gift idea for your teacher? This book, Thank You, contains watercolour artwork and beautiful sentimental words of thanks for the many things the teachers have done to her students. This book will entertain, encourage and rejuvenate the soul of a teacher.

Pencil Vase

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This is a really unique looking vase. A vase made out of pencils! Your teacher will definitely find this gift idea amusing, and your teacher can use this as either a vase, a planter or even a holder for her pens and pencils. This hand-made pencil vase is a little more than eight inches high and a small apple accent design which can be detached. You can also give your teacher some flowers that will go with this unique vase. This will going to make your teacher really happy!

Apple-Shaped Notes Dispenser

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Truly, an apple on the table is the classical symbol of being a teacher. Cannot get enough apple gift ideas? Give your teacher this super cute apple notes dispenser. This dispenses will come in handy as it protects post-it notes from getting dirty and it facilitates one-handed note dispensing. Perfect for busy days at the school! This cool post-it dispenser comes with 50 post-its inside, and you can refill this. You can also use this dispenser as a paperweight. So convenient!

A Teacher’s Prayer Bracelet

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This cute bracelet will definitely look good hanging on your female teacher’s wrist. It has the “Teacher’s Prayer” Engraved upon the outside of the bracelet and has a small apple charm to complete the teacher’s jewellery look. This beautiful teacher’s gift jewellery comes with a gorgeous-looking bookmark and comes with a gift box. No more gift wrapping! Perfect for teacher’s appreciation day.

Grass Ballpens

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So kawaii! This beautiful grass design might not have anything to do with teaching but your teacher will love this as it looks cute and will look good on her desk. This set of fun-filled pens will bring some joy into checking your school papers and exams and well as become a conversation starter on the teacher’s lounge.

Pencil Pot

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The teacher’s job is busy when it comes to paperwork. Using pens and papers to check and make lesson plans, elementary teachers will need to use scissors and tapes and stationeries to make the learning process fun. One of the better gift ideas for elementary teachers is a small desk organizer that can catch her paper click, pencils, scissors and other small tools. This Pencil Pot will definitely look good at her desk: this colourful desk organizer has the label, “Teacher at Work” and is handcrafted out of quality word. Princpals and librarians can also be gifted with these, as other messages with their profession are also available.

Teacher Gift Basket

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If you want to give your teacher something really special, you can just give her this super cute gift basket, which contains various amounts of goodies your teacher can munch on: Danish butter cookies, popcorn, shortbread cookies, praline pecans and so much more. It also comes with the hilarious book, “The Teacher’s Book of Wisdom” which contains anecdotes, quips and sound advice, reflecting the beautifully noble life of a teacher and inspiring the reader the same.

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