Ten Great Gift Ideas for Drivers

Last updated on March 15th, 2018

A car is like a fortress, you can have privacy inside and just be yourself when you drive. The strong wind cradling your hair as you move along is refreshing.   When you are driving a car, you could feel some kind of an adrenaline rush especially when you are speeding away, just ensure that you are not getting over the speed limit though!

Drivers are tested through time, the higher the experience in the humps and bumps of the streets the smoother one maneuvers the road. No wonder you are ever thankful for having your favorite driver. If you are planning to gift your driver some surprise but is totally running out of ideas on what to give, then you have to check out the gift ideas that we have for you below.

Here are some gift ideas for drivers.

StatGear Auto Survival Kit

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Accidents happen all the time therefore being alert and anticipating unfortunate events is a must especially when you are on the road. Road accidents are common because not all drivers are responsible enough and also sometimes there are calamities that we can’t control. It’s also better to be ready than to be sorry after all! StatGear Auto Survival kit is the best gift idea for the driver who is always on road trips and is fond of traveling alone. This survival kit is visualized by a New York City paramedic, which is basically themed based on his experience on his field, these equipment are very useful in terms of unstoppable emergencies. This kit includes a glow stick which is reusable, ice packs, gauze pads, seat belt cutter and more. It is encased in a heavy duty foam case which is directly attached to the sun visor. First aid may not come the soonest but with the help of this StatGear Auto Survival Kit, further injuries may be prevented.

Leather Steering Wheel Cover

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Our shoes protect our feet in our everyday activities. Just like our feet, the steering wheel needs some cover too. The leather steering wheel cover will not only protect your giftee’s steering wheel but it will also give him a tight grasp on his steering wheel without feeling cold especially during winter. This steering wheel cover has extra padding on the bottom and top of the wheel for easier grasp and this cover fits almost all steering wheels in all cars in the market. It has a red stitch pattern which adds an aesthetic effect.

Leather Gloves

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Driving maybe hard especially if you have sweaty hands. Firm grip is needed on the steering wheel to keep the smooth driving on the road. If your favorite driver is having difficulty maintaining that firm grasp on the wheel then this next gift idea would be the right one for him. This leather gloves is not only fashionable as it appears, it also gives the wearer a comfortable feeling when one drives. This leather gloves is also equipped with nanotechnology which can be sensed by the touchscreen phone as human skin. No need for these gloves to be removed when there’s an emergency call that needs to be answered after all.


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Let’s face it, we are not all road smart and a know-it-all in directions. Sometimes, even the most esteemed driver can get lost on the road. And when these situations arise, a GPS is such a life saver. This GPS is very easy to use with a five inch LED display. Yes, most smartphones have GPS already but they rely on cellular signal and this GPS does not. This has a turn by turn directions that is spoken and is very helpful most especially for the new drivers.

Portable Fridge

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Your dear driver might always be on the go and long drives is really exhausting and makes the throat dry. It’s such a relief to see a drive thru or a gas station with a store to get some cold drinks but it would be a lot easier for him if he has his very own portable travel fridge. This portable travel fridge is a refrigerator and warmer that plugs directly to a car’s 12V outlet. It is so convenient to use, easy to maintain and such a life saver for a driver! It can cool drinks for up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit or warm food for up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

Wireless Bluetooth Headset

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Using the phone while driving is not safe and an absolute no-no! Some drivers are really so busy that they need to take calls even while driving but since it is not safe to pick up a phone while driving then that is when the wireless Bluetooth headset comes in. A very useful device for your driver friend who’s time is so precious that every call is important. This wireless Bluetooth headset is so convenient to use and makes his driving and being on the phone be done at the same time minus the hassle and hazards of picking up the phone. This Bluetooth headset has a clear capture of the voice and can be paired in any Bluetooth enabled device. It comes in a classy design which is more like a charming accessory with a purpose. The black color of this headset adds drama and elegance to it. Plus it is convenient to use because unlike other headsets this one only weighs 3.2 ounces. Safe driving is ensured even if he can’t keep the phone down through the wireless Bluetooth headset.

Tire Tread Pillow

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Frequent driving carries its toll on the lower back that’s why a pillow would be useful to prevent such. If you are planning to gift your dear driver a pillow while driving but wants it to be a little different than the rest then this tire tread pillow should do the trick. This tire tread pillow is a look-a-like of a tire but is so soft and comfortable because it is made with simplex knit fabric which is made with 100% polyester. This would be a perfect cushion for his aching back while driving and a comfy pillow as well.

Aviator Sunglasses

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Too much sun can be an eye strain while driving, it would be better if your favorite driver has some kind of protection for his eyes as he gazes the fiery sun rays. This aviator sunglasses would guard your driver’s eyes from the dazzling heat and glaring sun. Aside from the use of the sunglasses it is also a fashionable way to accent his look. Plus this sunglasses is one of a kind because as you could see on its frame the word driver is very much visible which makes it especially made just for a driver. The harmful UV rays A and B are blocked by this sunglasses because of the UV400 that it has.

"Keep Calm and Drive on" Shirt

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Long hours being on the road, tackling the busy streets and road bumps are the common scenarios encountered by our designated driver. Sometimes, the cold wind of the night sets in even if the car is closed and most especially during winter. The car serves as his mini house too if he is a night shifter or who drives more often at night. That is when a throw would be very useful, this throw with a tag line of “keep calm and drive on” is a throw made and designed for someone who loves to drive. Aside from the unique design this throw which measures 54 by 38 inches is very cozy and soft to touch. Any driving aficionado would enjoy having this throw for sure!

DIT Gift Idea for New Drivers: Congratulatory New Driver Card

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Nothing can beat the feeling of passing your driving test with a bang! The most fleeting feeling afterwards is getting your driver’s license as a reward. One way to celebrate is by saying congratulations but it is better to say it with a twist. Try out this one of a kind card for the new driver. Check out the step by step video on how to make one as led by Guide Central.

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    Wireless bluetooth headset will be very useful, especially when you’re always taking calls. My friend has a good pillow in her car always, she told me it helps her to relax.


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