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Father’s day is coming soon.  If you have a tech savvy dad who is up to date with the latest gizmos and the geeky stuff that he enjoys most.  Ties, plaques and other similar gifts are nice to be received but the geeky dad who is into tech gifts would just put these gifts in the garage and let dust accumulate on it.  If you want to gift your geeky dad a gift that he would enjoy and use, you can show your geeky dad how proud you are of him with a Father’s Day gift that is suitable for him.  Tech gifts are easily available online and we have rounded out the best gift ideas in the market on the list below. Check them out to help you in finding the perfect tech gifts for dad.

Grippy Pad

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Let dad get a grip on Father’s day through the Grippy pad. The Grippy Pad holds items like smartphone, GPS and other gadgets in place in various orientations. We all know that our geeky dad also has a handful of gadgets on his hands, a useful tech gift that can help him to have an extra hand while driving is through the Grippy pad. It is water resistant, can withstand high temperatures and the glaring sunlight. The Grippy pad is made of high quality silicone that can be cleaned easily too.

Motorized Tie Rack

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Choices, we all make choices in our daily lives and we know how hard it is to make one especially for our geeky dad who is indecisive in picking his tie. Dad can now easily see his ties and see them accordingly in an organized manner through this motorized tie rack. This tech gift would help dad in choosing his tie for the day since it can hold up to 72 ties and 8 belts with illumination. It can also save some space in his closet.

Livescribe Sky Smartpen

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Dad maybe forgetful sometimes and sometimes it frustrates him when he fails to jot down notes in meetings. On Father’s day, surprise dad with a tech gift that can help him organize his thoughts and remember important details through this Livescribe sky smartpen. This smart pen can record audio and written notes and put them in a digital format. Dad can now replay meetings, lectures and not miss an important detail.

Pebble Smart Stick

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Your techy dad is always on the go and his common and recurring problem is a dead battery. On Father’s day, gift dad an emergency portable battery that he can use to charge his gadget in a pinch through this Pebble smart stick. The Pebble smart stick is a tech gift which is packed with 2800mAh emergency battery power that can charge most popular smartphones and gadgets with mini USB or micro USB. It comes with three connectors that he can use for his gadgets to recharge at the same time especially when badly needed.

Motorized Grill Brush

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Geeky dads can also be a grill master. If you have a dad who is fond of making barbecues and grilled meat but is not a fan of cleaning the grill then this tech gift could help him out big time! The motorized grill brush can make cleaning the grill a piece of cake with no scrubbing or chemicals needed. This tech gift can clean even the toughest and greasy areas in the grill in no time.

Celestron NexStar 4 SE Telescope

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Do you have a geeky dad who is fond of star gazing? If you have then it would be perfect to surprise him with the Celestron NexStar 4 SE Telescope for a more pleasurable star gazing experience. It has a massive database that can identify and define objects for up to 40,000. It can also align and accurately locate more exciting objects.

Star Wars Chop Sabers

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Your geeky dad is a sushi lover and Japanese food is his thing. You can lighten up a bit his Japanese cuisine, as in literally with this tech gift which is Star Wars inspired. The Star Wars chop sabers make every sushi experience more interesting. The chop sticks light up like light sabers in Star Wars. You can choose from to Luke (blue) to Vader (red), whichever he prefers. You can light them up with just a click of the button.

Giant Robot Slippers

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Being a robot is one of dad’s dream and you want to make it come true on Father’s day. If you have a geeky dad who loves robots and would want to be one in the future, then it would be perfect to gift him this pair of giant robot slippers. These slippers would give him the feeling of being a robot plus it has sounds with every step. These pair of slippers can fit all sizes up to US size 12 in men.

Kelvin .36 All in One Tool

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Hands on dads who are fond of being ready all the time needs a super tool that he can carry around and use anytime. The Kelvin .36 All in one tool can be the perfect tech gift that you can give to dad on Father’s day. It has various tools that he can use in his handy work such as LED light, liquid level, screw driver, tiny hammer and more.

Solar E Panels

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Eco friendly dads who are also techy at the same time would love to have a tech gift that he can use anytime especially when he is on the go. The Solar E panel uses solar energy to power up his smart phone and other gadgets. This tech gift includes a storage pouch with 30pin connector and micro USB cable for all his charging needs.

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