Tax Day: The Observance and Gift Ideas

Last updated on March 23rd, 2018

The time to pay the government what is due to them is the dreaded day for employees, entrepreneurs and other individuals.  In the United States, this dreaded day is called Tax Day.  In 2016, Tax Day will be Monday, on the 18th of April.

When Is It Celebrated? April 15th (or the next workday if 15th falls on a weekend)

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Origin of Tax Day

Revenue Act of 1861 together with federal income tax was introduced to help fund the Civil War.  Many disagreed with this because the tax payment varies and were based on assessments and not voluntary.  The 16th amendment to the US constitution last 1913 gave the US Congress the legal authority to tax all incomes regardless of the apportionment requirement.  The first deadline of the federal income tax was last March 1, 1913 and was then moved to 15 of March in 1918 then to April 15 in 1955.  As of this moment, the deadline remains on the 15th of April.  It only changes when the date falls on a holiday or on the weekend.  If so, the first succeeding working day would be the Tax day, just like for this year.  The Tax Day is scheduled on the 18th of April, Monday.

Tax Day Gift Ideas

On Tax Day, you can bring some cheers to friends and family by gifting them some of the cool gift ideas below that would surely brighten up their weary day.

Day Trader Tax Guide: For Securities Traders

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This book entitled Day Trader Tax Guide would help any day traders in computing and preparing their tax. Although they usually hire tax preparers, most of the time unnecessary taxes are paid and to prevent this from recurring guideline are set on this book. It would be very helpful even for the long time traders who have been filing their tax income for a long time already.

I Can't Keep Calm It's Tax Season Shirt

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To loosen up a bit, you can gift your friend this funny Tax day shirt. It is very comfortable to wear and fits true to its size. It comes in different colors to choose from too.

Tax Tie

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If you have a friend, loved one or relative who is fond of exploring other tie designs then this IRS tax tie would be great and just in time for Tax day.

Tax Day Mouse Pad

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Office staff is not exempted from paying taxes. To remind your friend who works in the office and faces the computer for 8 hours, you can gift them this Tax day funny mouse pad. Yes, it sometimes feel like a near death experience when see how much tax you need to pay during Tax Day.

Tax Day Bingo Cards

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We already know that Tax day is such a hassle for everyone. We can lighten up and make a game out of it. Have fun with your friends on Tax Day through this Tax Day bingo cards. This is a perfect entertainment on your Tax Day party at home.

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