Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work: The Holiday and Gift Ideas

In the US, there is a special day observed that revolves around children being brought to their parent’s workplace for a day.  It is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of April every year.  This activity is designed to educate the children about different work roles that may give them ideas about their chosen career paths in the future. It is Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day.

When is it Celebrated? Every 4th of April

Gifting Level: 3/5

History of Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work

Gloria Steinem, the president of Ms. Foundation for Women, founded this holiday.  The celebration took place last April 22, 1993.  It was originally called “Take our daughters to work day” but it 2003, it was amended and included sons too.  Today, this holiday is observed in almost all parts of the globe.

Fast Facts

  • In Canada, it is celebrated on the 7th of November.
  • In Australia, it is celebrated on the 5th of January.
  • It is not a public holiday but more than 37 million Americans at over 3.5 million offices and other workplaces celebrate and participate on this day.

The Dos and Don’ts Of Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day

  • Plan the day ahead.
  • Inform your colleagues especially your boss about the day.
  • Look at this day on your kid’s perspective.
  • You can invite other children too.
  • Expose your child to other things.
  • Keep your child comfortable at your workplace.
  • Ground rules should be laid.
  • Seek advice from your co-parents
  • See carefully, what line of work your child seems to be interested in.
  • Don’t ignore your kids.
  • Make the day realistic and interesting for you and your kids.
  • Give your child related assignments.
  • Reflect on the things you learned together within the day.

Gift Ideas for Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work

It would be a new adventure for your child to visit your workplace for the first time.  Make it more memorable for your daughter or son by gifting your child these cool gift ideas below.

Clipboard Storage Box. This clipboard storage box can store the papers that your child would be using as he or she takes notes about your work and your colleagues.  It comes in different vibrant colors to choose from too.

Cute Notebook. Kids love to write and make drawings and this cute notebook would certainly be well loved by your child.  This cute notebook is handmade which makes it one of a kind.

Gel Ink Pens. It is more fun to doodle and write things if you have a colorful set of gel ink pens.

Stackable Desk Lamps. You can make the take your daughters and sons to work day a fun one by letting your child decorate your desk through this stackable desk lamps.

Fun snacks as rewards or some biscuits that you could share on office break.

More Gift Ideas from eBay

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