53 Cool Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Mom

Last updated on November 25th, 2020

Stockings have always been a part of Christmas gift-giving among families. When we were younger, we get so excited opening our stockings as our parents filled them with goodies we all loved. This time, it is our turn to stuff our parents’ stockings and surprise them with these gifts.

Here are some things you can put into your mother’s stockings. Hope this list will be of help.

Stocking Stuffers for Mom, Less Than $25

I love the key and the vintage look of this journal!

I love the key and the vintage look of this journal!

Spoil your mom with these inexpensive yet wonderful stocking stuffers. Remember, it’s the thought that counts.

  1. Rosebud Salve  – Soothes burns, rashes or even chaffed lips.
  2. Purple Butterfly and Flowers Jewelry Box – A pretty little box where she can store her precious little treasures.
  3. Clinique Body Care Set  – She’ll love this cosmetic bag and purse set, plus the floral design.
  4. Ozark Trail Lunch Box – Fits 12 Cans, ideal for camping and picnics
  5. A bag hook– Conveniently hangs purse from a table, chair or other surfaces so it won’t touch the floor
  6. A journal – Like this leather bound journal… it is so vintage looking with the leather and the key! I love this!
  7. Flameless Candles – They are made of real wax minus the usual smoke and drips!
  8. Pill Reminder – You don’t want her to miss her medication
  9. Good Mom Mug – Nothing like a mug that expresses your thoughts to say how much you appreciate her.

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Stocking Stuffers for Mom’s R & R’s (Rest and Relaxation)

This smells like delicious cookies!

After all the day’s work, she deserves some relief from all the fatigue and stress.

  1. The Foot Fixer – Easy slip-ons that solves all her foot pain problems
  2. Good quality lotion or body butter – She can try The Body Shop Almond Body Butter… it smells like cookies!
  3. Organic Body Care Recipes Book – If she prefers her own homemade beauty treatment!
  4. Epsom Salt Soaking Solution Set – It’s either eucalyptus to relax tired muscles or lavender for a restful sleep, or she can have both!
  5. Teal’s Foaming Milk Bath – Turns an ordinary bath into a luxurious and nourishing experience.

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Grant her simple cravings

Gift Certificates Make Nice Stocking Stuffers Too!

There are things your mom craves for which do not come in boxes. Treat her to a relaxing trip to her favorite restaurant, spa, or coffee shop.

  1. A gift certificate for a meal in a nice restaurant – After doing all the cooking on Christmas, she may want to relax and dine out!
  2. A gift certificate to a salon or spa – Make her feel like royalty and get her pampered with mani-pedi plus a cleansing or anti-aging massage.
  3. A gift certificate for Starbucks – Or any coffee shop for that matter.
  4. Tickets to her favorite show or performance – Think of what she would like to see, a concert, an opera, movie, or a sports event

Home and Kitchen Stocking Stuffers

For the Mom Who Likes to Cook and Housekeep!

Olive oil sprayer is a nice gift for those who love to cook!

Olive oil sprayer is a nice gift for those who love to cook!

For a mom who takes care of the home by doing all the cleaning and food preparations, here are some cool stuff she can use.

  1. Olive Oil Sprayer – Perfect for salads, and you can also fill this with lemon juice, vinegar, etc.
  2. Monsters Bag Clips – Crazy looking but so useful in holding plastics and even clothes!
  3. Owlet Kitchen Timer – This wide-eyed owl will help watch and time your food.
  4. Cloud Fried Egg Shaper  – Pop the egg white into the cloud and the egg yolk into the sun, what a fun way to eat an egg!
  5. Hedgehog Dryer Balls – To make clothes softer, better than fabric softener
  6. Multitool – One tool, handy and practical!
  7. Tabletop Vacuum – Make crumbs disappear with this portable device. Too useful!
  8. UVC Sanitizer Light – A magic wand that kills germs in seconds!
  9. Cooking Gloves – These gloves will protect her hands from burns while cooking, roasting, or grilling


This iPhone cable is just colorful!

This iPhone cable is just colorful!

For techy moms young and old alike!

  1. Purse Light – Eliminates the usual fuss of rummaging through your purse for hours looking for your keys or wallet!
  2. Mini Bluetooth Speaker – She can enjoy her music with this cute speaker, available in different colors
  3. “Live, Laugh, Love” Mousepad – Reminds her to stay happy even while working
  4. Cable Identification Beads – No more charger confusion!

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Stocking Stuffer for Mom’s Hobbies

This message bean says,

This message bean says, “I Love You”.

Another good idea is to give your mom things that go well with her current hobby. It could be gardening, sewing, or other crafts.

  1. Grow-a-Note Plantable Greeting Cards – These eco-friendly cards are embedded with seeds that can grow anywhere.
  2. Yarn and a new knitting needle – If she knits.
  3. Small garden tools and gardening gloves – If she loves gardening.
  4. Sewing Kit – Compact and complete, ideal for travels
  5. Books – Novels, how-to’s etc.
  6. Cross Stitch- Hundreds of beautiful patterns to choose from!
  7. This beautiful message seed! She will love this!

For Young and Expectant Moms

Mother bird and baby birds on a branch necklace.

Mother bird and baby birds on a branch necklace.

Stocking Stuffers for new moms and those who are pregnant!

  1. A pregnancy journal – Where she can jot down her pregnancy experience.
  2. Nursing Cover –  Allows her to feed her baby in public without social pressure
  3. Mother and Baby Birds Necklace – This is a sweet reminder of how great motherhood can be
  4. Aromatherapy Necklace – Relaxing smell hanging from her neck!

Food and drinks

Edible stocking stuffers for mom

Liquor-filled chocolates! Delicious!

Liquor-filled chocolates! Delicious!

Nothing but the best for mom, organic and healthy plus drinks to perk her up.

  1. Organic Jam – Perk up her sandwiches and snacks with organic jams
  2. Floral Honeystix  – Satisfies sweet cravings with these nutritious sticks!
  3. Liquor Filled Chocolate  – A little liquor won’t hurt
  4. Her favorite tea or you can give her Tazo Assorted Tea Sampler so she can try other varieties.
  5. Dark Chocolate – No more guilt, yes it’s dark chocolate but it’s organic! Indulge!
  6. Coffee Roasts – Smooth and rich coffee blend.. tastes heavenly!
  7. Liquor Chocolates – Yummy liquor-filled candies that she can eat anytime!
  8. Licorice sticks.

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Cool and Funny

Cute tea infuser!

Cute tea infuser!

It’s Christmas, and your mom will surely appreciate the humor, so here are some items that will bring out a good laugh!

  1. My Therapy Wine Glass – Even if she is not a wine enthusiast, she’ll have fun using this wine glass
  2. Manatea – Bet you don’t expect this sea cow can make your tea a little more interesting
  3. Obama Toilet Paper – I’m not really sure if she’s going to use this, but it sure is funny!

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