St. Patrick’s Day: Festivities and Gifts

Last updated on September 19th, 2018

St. Patrick’s Day is a religious festivity celebrated by people on Irish descent. It is celebrated on March 17, which is the death date of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. It is also called St. Paddy’s Day.

While this is not a federal public holiday in the US, St. Patrick’s Day is a large celebration that comes with festive and colorful parades, gifts and lots and lots of alcohol.

Date of Celebration: March 17

Gifting Level: 5/5

What Do People Do On St. Patrick’s Day?

How Do People Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

A colorful St. Patrick's Day Parade in Dublin

A colorful St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Dublin

In Ireland where it is a public holiday, banks are closed for the event and people had colorful festivals in major cities. People wore green and the major cities held colorful parades. The biggest parades were in Dublin. Of course, alcohol was consumed in large batches.

White House Fountain on St. Patrick's Day. Notice the green color.

White House Fountain on St. Patrick’s Day. Notice the green color.

In USA, the holiday is observed, but is not a federal public holiday. Nevertheless, people still largely celebrated St. Patrick’s Day, and attracts many people, whether they have Irish blood or not.

Like in Ireland, parades and concerts were held. People wear green outfits and shamrock accessories and waterways are colored green. There is a larger demand for beer and pubs often hold parties and offer discounts on their drinks.

What Kinds of Gifts Should I Give My Family and Friends on St. Patrick’s Day?

St. Paddy’s Day Presents Ideas

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St. Patrick’s Day is huge on gifts. Since this is of Irish tradition, it also becomes a reunion of sorts for those friends and relatives of Irish blood.

You do not have to have Irish blood to celebrate and give gifts on St. Paddy’s, though! Like people say, “everyone’s Irish on March 17″.

Here are some gift ideas on St. Patrick’s Day:

– Anything green! Most notable, anything green that you can wear! Green shirts, pants and sunglasses are exceptional gifts. Just give these early on the day so the recipient can wear them all day!

Green Hershey’s Kisses. These Make Great St. Patrick’s Day Gifts!

– Any green festive food. Green cupcakes are a really nice idea, as well as green lollipops and chocolate covered in green foil.

– Shamrocks are a ubiquitous symbol during Paddy’s Day. Shamrock shaped treats make nice gifts, as well as shamrock shaped sunglasses, jewelry and shirts with shamrock prints are great.

– Leprechaun gifts also see an increase in sales when St. Patrick’s Day is nearing!

– Of course, you can give your friends booze. Aside from the traditional bottled beer, you can also give your friends beer candy, beer popsicles and beer soap. Candy cane shotglasses are a nice idea, too!

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