St. David’s Day: Tradition and Gift Ideas

Last updated on February 23rd, 2016

St. David’s Day is the feast day of St. David, who is the patron saint of the Wales. This occasion falls on March 1, and is typically celebrated by people of Welsh origin around the world.

Celebration Date: March 1

Gifting Level: 4/5

What Do People Do on St. David’s Day?

How This Event is Celebrated

St Davids Day Parade

This is a picture of the typical but very festive St. David’s Day parade held in the Wales.

In Wales, where the event is a National holiday, parades are held everywhere. The most colorful and the largest of parades are held in Cardiff. In addition to having the best St. David’s Day parades, Cardiff also hold food festivals a week in advance, starting on February 26th.

In the United States, St. David’s Day is not a national holiday. However, people who are of Welsh origin are still free to observe and celebrate the holiday. In fact, gatherings and festivals still happen in America, as if the observance is a national holiday itself.

One particularly large celebration of this holiday is the Los Angeles St. David’s Day Festival which is held during the first week of March, annually. The festival includes eisteddfod (a literature, music and arts performance by Welsh people), a Celtic marketplace and a concert. This event does not only attract Americans of Welsh origins but the festivities also welcome those with no Welsh lineage.

What Kind of Gifts are Given on St. David’s Day?

Gift Ideas for Friends and Families on St. David’s Day

This is the official flag of Wales. The red dragon is a huge symbol to St. David's Day, to the fact that you will see it on shirts, jewellery and other accessories

This is the official flag of Wales. The red dragon is a huge symbol to St. David’s Day, to the fact that you will see it on shirts, jewellery and other accessories.

St. David’s Day is a large gifting holiday in the UK and the USA. This is the time when people of the same lineage get together, making the event a de-facto family reunion of sorts.

Jewellery bearing the crest of the ubiquitous dragon (pictured above) are a nice St. David’s gifts. You will find necklaces, rings, earrings, even belt buckles a fashion statement among festival goers. Shirts printed with the dragon are also a nice idea.

Daffodils and leeks are also a large St. David’s Day symbol, so pins and brooches that depict these are also a great gift idea to give.

People who celebrate this event would also exchange greeting cards, give away Celtic food and crafts.

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