12 Cute and Funny Sloth Gifts (So Cute You Might Get One for Yourself)

Zootopia is one of the movies that featured a sloth in a funny way.  I remember the office worker who is in the persona of a sloth is noted for being so slow and it just frustrated the main character in the movie.  There’s also another movie wherein we could see that our favorite creature has been part of, I think that was Ice Age.   Yes, in this movie the sloth is known as Sid who is a happy go lucky creature who looks for love all the time and even at the wrong places!  Either way, we know that sloths are known for being slow, hangs on trees and is seen as a care free animal but this creature is loved by many and chose it as an inspiration.   As you see it hanging from the trees, you can be reminded to hang on to your dreams and seek more knowledge mentally, spiritually and emotionally.  Never give up and always thrive and have an open heart and mind that the world would give you positive reassurance in return.

There are people who thinks that the sloth is their spirit animal because of their personalities such as being laid back and carefree to be synonymous with the sloth.  In line with this, we have gathered the top sloth gifts for any sloth lover out there.  Check out our top finds under this category from the list below for your reference.

Hanging Sloth Necklace

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Sloths are usually seen hanging on a tree, just lounging around and resting there easily as the day comes to an end. Sloths look easy going and care free just like some people that we know. If you have a friend who is as chill and care free like the sloth then this hanging sloth necklace would be a fun gift idea to give! This hanging sloth necklace is made from sterling silver which features a hanging sloth on its pendant. The details of the hanging sloth is a funny way to show how you adore the sloth and your friend’s similarity to this creature. This necklace can be worn in almost any outfit since it’s made of sterling silver, it can shine even from the casual clothes or the black cocktail dress on a formal event. The chain comes in different sizes from 16 inches to 20 with different designs as well such as Belcher, Figaro, Rope, Boxed type and more.

Handmade Sloth Stud Earrings

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Our ears embraces our face. Some women prefer simple stud earrings because these type of earrings are easy to manage and you are assured that your hair won’t mess around with your jewelry especially when you have long locks. If you are tired of the usual designs of stud earrings available in the market then why not try this pair of handmade sloth stud earrings. This pair of earrings is made of polymer clay carefully made to draw the cute face of a sloth. Any sloth lover would be delighted to have this unique pair of sloth stud earrings for sure!

Finger-Hugging Sloth Ring

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Sloths are often seen hugging trees while hanging carelessly as they please. It’s not very common to see a sloth hugging a finger for sure! This sloth ring is a unique piece of jewelry that will add some hearty smiles to any sloth fanatic out there! This ring is made of sterling silver which showcases the intricate details of a sloth as it is designed to look like hugging your finger as you put it on. You can gift this sloth ring to your favorite sloth lover and let them give you sloth hugs in return.

Fabulous Sloth Brooch

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Make your ordinary workwear look fabulous through this fabulous sloth brooch. This one of a kind brooch features a colorful sweater worn by our favorite creature which is no other than the sloth himself. The colorful sweater that the sloth wears has a tag which says fabulous. Be fabulous like this sloth and be an eye catchy fellow when you get to wear this brooch at any time of the day.

Sloth Trinket Ring Dish

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If you have tons of jewelries available and goes through a guessing game every day where the other pair went then it’s time have a trinket ring dish to tidy up your stuff and save you from guessing every day. This sloth trinket ring dish features a smiling sloth which would certainly brighten up the day of any sloth lover out there! This ring dish can hold your favorite jewelries in place and let you choose which one to wear on a daily basis without losing one of each pair. The smiling sloth can also add some positive vibes on your day as you would be infected from its charming smile!

Sloths in a Sock

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You can let your sloth lover buddy have the best feet warmer in the world by gifting this pair of sloth socks as a surprise. This pair of socks has a unique design of your friend’s well-loved creature which is no other than the sloth. Facts about the sloth are also written on the sole of the socks as an added feature. This pair of sloth socks is made from 75% cotton which makes it soft to the skin and cozy to wear which is best for cold weather too.

Funny Super Sloth Coaster

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Whenever you feel like you need some rescuing always remember that the super sloth will come to rescue you at his own pace. This gag gift of a coaster features a super sloth with a tagline: I will come and rescue you at my own pace. The sloth is seen hanging on a bark of a tree just like as it always does plus a mask on its face with matching cape to identify its superhero role. You can surely give some gifts of laughter with this simple yet funny super sloth gifts.

Best Friend Sloth Mug

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Best friends are always there for us to hear us on our worst days and even share our best moment in life. No matter how old we get, we will always have that one friend who always hang around with us especially in times when we needed them the most. This sloth mug features a cute sloth hanging around with a caption: I’ll always hang with you. This mug is perfect for your coffee lover best buddy. Their coffee breaks and morning rituals would always feel extra special every time they get to have a glimpse of this wonderful sloth mug.

Sloth Tea Infuser

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Take a break from your usual toxic work day by having a sip of your favorite tea. While doing so be amazed and take your tea time to a different level by using this sloth tea infuser. This one of a kind tea infuser is a surefire hit to give you smiles and lighten up your heavy load for the day. This unique tea infuser features a sloth in a hugging position with all smiles on its face which makes it a good vibes magnet for your giftee.

Sloths on a Vine Picture Hangers

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Hang on to your dreams just like how a sloth hangs on to a tree! Let the sloth’s persistence and determination give you more inspiration as you see it hanging on to your files through this sloths on a vine pack of paper clips. You can organize your work and be more productive by letting this sloth buddy to tidy up your paper works.

Namastay in Bed Sloth

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The sloth says namastay, yes you heard it right and that means let me stay in bed! This funny design of a sloth hanging on to a tree with the caption namastay in bed is the perfect throw pillow case for your sleepy buddy who prefers to tuck in bed most of the time. This throw pillow case can house a pillow that is as big as 18 inches by 18.

Sloth Plush Toy

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Sloths can also be your favorite cuddle buddy at night through this sloth plush toy. This one of a kind plush toy features the very charming sloth. The softness of this plush toy makes cuddling more fun and bed times are more enjoyable too. You can gain sleep easily too by hugging this sloth plush toy which measures up to 12 inches tall. This would be the perfect gift for kids or even the kids at heart who loves this creature!

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