Make Her Cry With Joy: The Best Sentimental Gifts for Moms

Last updated on March 23rd, 2018

Mother’s day is just around the corner. Do you have a gift for your mom yet? If you are up to something special and sentimental this coming Mother’s day, we have rounded up some of our favorite picks just for you!  These sentimental gifts for moms are not only meaningful but they are budget friendly too.  Can’t beat that, right?

Embroidered Handkerchief for Mom

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Fleur De Lis Napa Embroidery makes an embroidered personalized handkerchief that uses your own message in thirty words or less. You can either put a poem, a song, a favorite quote or your own message for mom.

"I'll Love You Forever" Bracelet

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Our love for mom can move mountains and we know that her love for us is unconditional and incommensurate. You can tell mom how much you love her through this beautiful handcrafted cuff bracelet which says: "I'll love you forever; I'll like you always, as long as I live, my mother you'll be". This cuff bracelet is made from 12 grams of aluminum. You can also customize the message if you prefer otherwise. This cuff bracelet is made by hands and can be done according to your liking.

Mom Heart Visor Clip

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Showcase your love for mom through this sentimental gift. This one of a kind visor comes in a heart shaped form with a tag line of: "Mom, you're more special than words can say, please drive safely every day". Mom would certainly feel loved and cared for every time she sees this sentimental heart visor clip. This visor clip can be easily attached to the car or truck visor. It brings a warm message of love for mom and protection as she travels.

"Mom" Picture Frame

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Another sentimental gift for mom is this mom picture frame. It is a personalized and hand crafted picture frame that comes in MOM shaped frame. Put your best photo with mom in the frame and surprise her on Mother’s day.

Scentiments Scented Candles

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The smell of pleasant scents has relaxing and calming effect on the body. If you have a mom who is fond of scented candles, you can surprise her with this Scentiments candle. This scented candle is made from natural soy wax with the luscious vanilla fragrance. It is housed in a reusable mason jar with a personalized message on the gift card.

Mom's Favorite Sayings Wall Decor

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Do you want a fun way to surprise mom on how you keep track of everything that she says? On Mother’s day, gift her Mom’s favorite saying plaque as a sentimental and funny gift. This plaque can be a fun sentiment that jots down mom’s favorite quotations or sayings in the house. You can easily hang this on the wall for her to see this often.

Mom Quote Throw Pillow

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Accentuate mom’s couch with this sentimental gift on Mother’s day. This throw pillow would be a beautiful display to her favorite couch as it bears the saying: You’re the mom that everyone wishes they had. You can also customize the saying as you please. The softness of this throw pillow will also let mom to have a more relaxed time in her couch.

Personalised Letter Coaster

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A love letter for mom is a brilliant way of professing your appreciation and love for her. You can also make it more special and sentimental by writing it on an oak. This mum coaster is made from oak and mineral oil which says: Mummy, we know you have loved since we were born but we loved you our whole lives. You can customize it and let you and your sibling’s names be engraved on it. She would always have warmness in her heart every time she uses this sentimental gift coaster for her coffee mug.

I Love That You're My Mom Locket

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The rustic inspired locket with a tagline: “I love that you’re my mom” is a simple yet sentimental gift that you can give to your mom on Mother’s day or in any day. This mom locket comes in an eighteen inch silver plated chain with two inch extender. The lock is made of lobster claw clasp that would ensure that it would not rip even when mom is hugging you tight as she wears this sentimental gift.

Personalized Chocolate Box

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If you have a sweet toothed mom who is a great fan of chocolates, then this sentimental gift idea would be perfect for her. This personalized chocolate box comes with a 45 piece chocolates with the greeting “Happy Mother’s day!” on the chocolates inside. The box has the label: Mom on the outside as well. Mom would certainly love this sentimental gift as these chocolates are made from the finest European ingredients.

DIY Sentimental Gifts for Moms: Embroidered Photo Pillows

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You can snuggle with mom even if you are miles away through this sentimental and DIY gift. This DIY embroidered photo pillow can bridge the gap between you and mom on Mother’s Day. Send your warm hugs and enliven your best moments together by picking your favorite photo together. See the step by step procedure on how to make your very own embroidered photo pillow on Brit+Co.

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