Second Wedding Anniversary Gifts: Cotton, China and Others

Last updated on March 15th, 2018

Two years of marriage! Congrats!

Second wedding anniversary gifts are traditionally themed with cotton, but modern themes call for presents made with china. You  can follow a themed wedding, but you can also give other gift ideas.

If you are looking for a gift idea for a couple celebrating their two-year marriage, then you can find something in this list. Those who are looking for a little something for their spouse will get ideas here, too!

Cute Couple's Pillowcase

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If you are wanting to get a couple a traditional second anniversary gift, then a couple's pillowcase is a great cotton gift. This gift idea will be useful in the bedroom and can give the couple giggles while putting this on their pillows. The print on the pillowcases are cute, too.

Rope Hammock

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Lounging around is a great way to relax and what better way to lounge than to lie down and sway on your hammock? This cotton rope hammock is a great gift idea for your significant other on your second anniversary. Imagine this: both of you sitting on this hammock, while drinking wine and eating blue cheese and crackers. What a perfect lazy evening date! Plus, this hammock looks good and add a bit of cute touch on the patio.

2 Years Together Shirt

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This shirt is s cool gift ideas for your spouse. Just whip a pair of those shirt (styles for both genders are available) before you go out on your wedding anniversary date. This shirt is a cute announcement taht both of you are ce

Cotton Rose

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Women love receiving roses and husbands should not stop giving flowers to their wives. A cotton rose is a great cotton gift idea for the wife as it is symbolic and follows the themed wedding anniversary gifts. This cotton rose will look good on her bedside table, or if she goes to the office, on her office desk.

Knight Beanie

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This knight crocheted beanie is made with cotton yarn and will make a great second year anniversary gift idea for the husband. This will keep his head warm during these cold winter days when he goes to work. It looks cool and keeps warm. What could you ask for more? You can even say, "you are my knight in shining armor!" while giving him this knight beanie hat.

Looking for more cotton gift ideas? Check out these cotton anniversary gift ideas for him and for her.

Bone China Tea Set

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A china gift ideas for the wife or for the couple, if you are giving to married couple who celebrates their second year. This tea set is made of bone china. China is a modern themed present for second year celebration of marriage and a couple can enjoy this gift idea when they drink tea or coffee on their patio.

Painting Lessons

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A painting lesson privately held for two is a great way to bond during an anniversary celebration. This experience gift idea is great for a couple, or for your spouse. Two people will find fun leaning to pain, brush stroke to brush stroke, creating an objet de arts with a loved one. Super classy gift idea.

Personal Chef Date at Home

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A great way to cap a second anniversary date is a nice romantic dinner. If you want something different, why not order a personal chef for a night and let him cook for the both of you at home? You can turn off the lights for a nice candle lit dinner that sets the mood for romance, all while a chef create a very nice edible artwork for the both of you.

Boudoir Photo Shoot

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This one is for the wife! Since by the second year, most wives will start to feel conscious about their bodies (because of a childbirth) you may boost her confidence with this awesome send year anniversary gift. This experience present will set her to a studio, give her a make over, clothe her like those pin-up girls of the 1940's and then take her photos. Then promise her that the photos are for your eyes only and you will look at these when you feel down. She will blush!

DIY Gift for 2nd Anniversary: Five Senses Gift

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This is a great DIY gift for your second anniversary! This five senses gift basket will flatter your spouse. What you will have to do is print a gift tag for the five senses, then add a reason why you love them through that sense (or how you feel loved). For example: "Smell: Your after-shower smell drives me crazy!" then attach that to a gift that is connected to that reason, for example, their favorite shower gel. Put everything in a basket.

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