Awesome Science Toy Kits for Children and Young Teenagers

Half of the toys in the market are for purely recreational purposes only. And the other half, manufacturers tried to insert health and educational functions to create more beneficial products. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone, right? You get a good deal when you buy toys that stimulate the brain as much as it provides enjoyment.

Here are some awesome science toy kits for children and young teenagers:

Microscope Kit

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Parents should encourage their kids to start young with their interests. And if you have little scientist wannabe, this one is the perfect gift for them. It’s less of a toy and more of a miniature version of a real microscope, it’s every beginner mini scientist’s dream. All the functionalities of a full-size compound microscope are compacted into this kit. It didn’t fall short either with it’s 52-piece accessory and case included in the set.

Electrical Science Experiment Kit

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Electricity is a big factor in our daily function that’s why learning about it is important. Learn and be shocked by this amazing electrifying kit! And while your kid can’t play around yet with the real electric equipment for adults, they can learn the basics with this kit through captivating experiments set up particularly for youngsters.

Volcano Science Kit

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Paper mache volcano is the cliche science project around the world but if you fancy making one just for the kicks, why not? National Geographic released a series of toys for their younger audience and one of it is this volcano science kit. Make a sturdier volcano with plaster and mold provided in the kit, paint it, pour in the magical eruption powder and boom! You have one erupting homemade volcano. Science toy kits like this is a sure way for for kids to love science.

Wizard’s Potion Making Kit

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Combine science and magic with this kit. No need to attend Hogwarts and its potions class under Professor Slughorn or Professor Snape, this easy-to-learn kit will be manageable on your own. The wooden material for the kit accentuates the Harry Potteresque feel and what’s great is that you don’t have to worry turning someone into a mystical being!

Potato Clock Kit

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This is one of the mind-blowing science experience we can encounter in school. Potatoes generating electricity? Yes, you read that right. It’s a fairly simple experiment and only takes minutes to finish. The kit included the digital clock and the wires and prongs. The kit, however and of course, does not include the potatoes. And voila! Your very own clock powered by spuds.

Fossil Mine Kit

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Simulate a paleontologist’s job of digging fossils with this kit! Ever since the release of the Jurassic Park movie franchise, there has been a heightened interest in dinosaurs no matter how terrifying they can be. This kit will awaken the inner Dr. Alan Grant in you, finding great dinosaur fossils buried under sand and soil but in a smaller dig brick which you can bring anywhere.

Tasty Science Kit

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Eating and playing are two of kids’ favorite past time. Let them create whacky edible experiments to their heart’s content with this kit. The chemistry tools replace kitchenware in this kit making it more fun for your kids to learn the science of cooking. What’s better than being a chef-scientist?

Glowing Crystal Kit

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Got a kid who adores collecting rocks? Make them swoon with this glow in the dark crystal kit. Let them grow their own crystal that illuminates when placed in a dark space. How cool is that? You don’t see crystal every day, anywhere so what more with a glow in the dark one? Have your kid explore his passion for geology with this kit by National Geographic.

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