Impeccable Robotics Kits for Kids and Kids at Heart

The very sound of the word ‘robot’ would usually have people thinking, “Eh, only geniuses can do that!”. But really, that is not true. Tons of robotics kits are being sold online to encourage children and adults alike to try and build their own homemade robots and see that it is not as complicated as it seems to be.

Here are some of the top robotics kits for kids out at the market:

Robotic Hand Kit

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Have you ever seen those robotic hands used in hospitals? The robotic hands are being maneuvered by a surgeon as it is the one doing the surgery. Technology has really come a long way. Get this robotic hand kit to try and see how it feels like! The kit contains hands-on materials and instructions. You can create a functioning artificial hand that can grip and hold small objects at home.

Tin Can Robot Kit

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Repurpose a used soda can into an educational robot! Not only will your kids learn how to create a simple robot using a waste product as the main material, but they will also learn the value of recycling. You’ll be the best parent of the year when you buy educational toys for your kids.

Solar Rover Kit

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The boom of the use of solar panels led to a great innovation with electricity. Like our second item on this list, all you need is a used soda can for the body of the rover. Attach the solar panel at the front, leave it outside to collect some sunlight for a few hours, and your rover is ready and moving.

ERP Pro Robotics Kit

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This robotics kit is straight up educational. The learning doesn’t end with the construction of the robot. The ERP Pro contains modules for robotics and programming for primary and secondary levels. You can re-assemble the robot to various units so you can experiment. It is Bluetooth enabled and you can connect it to your computer to create programs to manipulate around and make it do countless of operations. This kit is Engino’s best selling product and with the ingenious tasks it can perform, the price is exorbitantly high. It’s worth the price though if you want to learn more about advanced robotics while having fun.

Insectoid Kit

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If you have an interest in insects and robotics, this robotic insect or insectoid will please you. This insectoid simulates a real insect’s movements. It can walk, crawl and wriggle just as any other insect could. You don’t need to dirty yourself up catching and collecting insects in your backyard! You don’t need to feed it or keep it in a jar. This insectoid can be your robotic pet!

Quadruped Walking Robot Kit

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Unlike the items before this, this kit made use of wood as the material for the body of the robot. How cool, right? Everything is included in the set for the robot body except for a micro controller, wires, batteries, and sensors. Your friends will be astonished by the idea of a wooden robot!

Pets Robotic Kit

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Want a pet but don’t know how to give it enough time and attention? Why don’t you get this robotic pet that you can build on your own! The kit includes various animals you can build following an easy manual. Get the silliness of a real pet with this miniature robotic ones because they can do tricks! Not only this is savvy but it is also a great way to introduce your youngster to robotics.

Salt Water Powered Robot Kit

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No need for batteries or any electrical source for this robot! After assembling the robot, all you need is some saltwater and charcoal to make it work. That just means that you can save more because you won’t need to purchase batteries. Your kid will not only learn how to build a robot but also alternative power sources that can be exhausted from the simplest of things around us.

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