Creative, Beautiful and Thoughtful Quilting Gifts for Moms

Last updated on March 23rd, 2018

Quilting is the process of putting two fabrics together.  It may sound like a boring thing to do but if you have a mom who is fond of quilting, her eyes would pop out whenever she hears about the topic quilting.  Quilt till you wilt as mom says and on Mother’s day, remember to give her something that would delight her by gifting her quilting gift ideas or quilting memorabilia.  See out top finds for the best quilting gifts for moms on our list below.

Quilt Til Your Wilt Tote Bag

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Quilt till you wilt is the motto of the quilting mom. On Mother’s day, surprise her with this tote bag that showcases her passion. She can use this tote when she goes shopping or just whenever she goes out.

Quilt Design Square Wall Clock

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Keeping track of quilting time is more fun through this quilt design square wall clock. It would be the perfect gift idea for the mom who loves to quilt and the color purple.

Quilting Mom Shirt

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We know that she loves to quilt and she is proud of it. Gift mom this quilting mom shirt to showcase her favorite hobby. This shirt is so comfortable to wear as it is made from cotton and it fits true to its size as well.

Less WOrk More Quilting Pillow

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If you have a mom who loves to sleep and to quilt then this would be the perfect gift idea for her. On Mother’s day, this fun throw pillow is made especially for the quilting mom. It has a design which shows a quilting mom with the tag line: less work, more quilting! This comfy pillow can be used to rest her weary head after long hours of quilting. She can also use this eye catchy pillow to decorate her favorite couch.

Quilter's Coffee Mug

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Any day spent sewing is a good day, as this mug says the quilting mom would certainly agree on this too. This quilters coffee mug would certainly be the perfect gift for the coffee lover mom who is fond of quilting too.

Funny Quilting Buttons

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You know how much your quilting mom loves her favorite hobby and past time. Let her decorate her fridge or her locker with these cool and uniquely designed funny quilting buttons. The colorful designs of these buttons would certainly be a conversation starter and would highlight her passion for quilting.

Seamstress Wine Charms

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A little bubbly time would be fun especially after a tiring day. If you have a mom who is fond of hosting wine parties and also loves quilting at the same time then these seamstress wine charms would be perfect for her. The spools of threads as design on each charm would be fun way to decorate her favorite elixir.

Quilting Needle Case

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The quilting mom may have tons of needles at home and on Mother’s day help her organize her needles through this quilting needle case. Let’s cut the crap as this needle case says and let her start quilting as she pleases!

The Gypsy Cutting Gizmo

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The Gypsy cutting gizmo is a helpful cutting machine that can separate the quilt tops’ chain pieced segments. Your quilting mom would save more time and energy with this device and would be a thoughtful gift that shows how much you support her passion for quilting.

Rag Quilter Snip

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The quilting mom has tons of quilting to do and we know that although she has arthritis already she still doesn’t stop this hobby. The spring action rag quilter snip would help her cutting the troublesome materials with less effort and much ease.

Quilters Travel Case

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Any quilting project needs not to be delayed although your quilting mom is always on the go. Even as she travels, she brings some quilting with her and you know how much you love to support her hobby. This quilter’s travel case would help her organize her materials and to ensure that everything she needs for her quilting project is intact even if she is always on the go.

Fiskar's Rotary Cutting Set

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In quilting, accuracy and precision is badly needed. Your quilting mom knows this and we know that she needs to cut her fabric and other materials with great effort. Scissors are not that precise in terms of cutting, this Fiskars rotary cutting set is designed to give her the cutting accuracy like a pro.

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