Pretty Preserved Flower Jewelry for a Dainty Look

Last updated on June 11th, 2018

A flower is a symbol of beauty and grace.  Suitors give flowers to the love of their life to symbolize their love and appreciation.  As we know, flowers do wither and in order to reinvent its beauty flower preservation is done.  Nowadays, you can showcase the beauty of a flower even in jewelries and you can now surprise the woman of your life with a charming piece of jewelry with a preserved flower on it.  Check out our top picks for preserved flower jewelry that would definitely give grace and add beauty and sophistication to the love of your life on any occasion it may entail.

Pressed Flower Heart Pendant Necklace

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A lady is as delicate as a flower as they say, if you have a lovely lady that you want to surprise for an upcoming occasion then this pressed flower heart pendant necklace would certainly brighten up her day. This necklace comes with a heart shaped pendant which features miniature preserved flowers inside a glass like clear resin heart shaped pendant. The flowers are gathered from the fields of Taxco, Mexico. This pressed flower heart necklace certainly captures the beauty and femininity of its wearer!

Glass Crystal Ball Necklace

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If you are looking for a dainty and eye catchy necklace which features some preserved flowers on it then this glass crystal ball necklace is the perfect catch! This one of a kind design features a ball shaped glass with preserved purple cream flowers with green plants on it. This preserved flower jewelry gives a relaxing feeling when sighted and exudes freshness and beauty when worn. This lovely necklace comes with a beautiful gift box too which makes it ready for gift giving anytime.

Gold Tear Drop Flower Necklace

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The gold tear drop necklace is a romantic gift that you can give to your lady love on her special day. The tear drop pendant comes with pressed blue and cream flowers inside a clear resin cabochon. The necklace is gold plated which makes it look sophisticated too. This is perfect with any outfit she may wear it with, whether it be in a casual outfit or at a formal gathering.

Daisy Earrings

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Yellow flowers are usually given to friends or to new lady love as it signifies a fresh start. You can liven up your beautiful lady’s face by accentuating her facial features through this yellow daisy earrings. This pair of earrings are handmade accessories from Australia. Pressed fresh yellow daisies are seen lively as it is enclosed in a clear glass ball made from resin. The fish hook design of this pair of earrings makes it easier for the wearer especially for those who are always on the go who likes to clips on accessories in a jiffy!

Pressed Forget Me Not Earrings

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Forget me nots signify true love and remembrance as the saying goes. You can keep a vibrant Forget me nots and wear it daily through this lovely pair of earrings. These Forget me nots are homegrown flowers from the supplier that are pesticide and fertilizer free. The materials used in this pair of earrings are non-toxic and hypoallergenic too.

Pressed Flower Oval Link Bracelet

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A vibrant personality deserves a colorful and equally matching accessory. This pressed flower oval link bracelet is the perfect gift idea for your charming lady love that she can get to enjoy wearing on a daily or in any special occasion. This eye catchy floral bracelet is a combination of preserved fresh flowers from Taxco, Mexico that are beautifully captured inside a clear resin in 0.925 silver.

Terrarium Brooch

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This antique brooch would give a whimsical feeling to its wearer since it is a miniature terrarium of preserved real flowers enclosed in a clear resin that is embedded in a filigree brooch frame. The brooch is certainly a stunner and conversation starter especially when your fabulous lady wears it on.

Dried Flower Ring

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If it’s too early to pop the question but you want to put a ring on it then this dried flower ring should do the trick! This adjustable ring with an elegant real flower enclosed on a clear resin is a beautiful accessory to your lady love’s finger. It comes with seven colors to choose from, make sure to pick her favorite color for some additional brownie points for you!

Colorful Dried Flower Bobby Pins

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A special occasion such as a wedding ceremony entails a delicate yet beautiful and elegant accessories such as these colorful bobby pins made from real dried and preserved flowers. These colorful bobby pins are perfect for the bridesmaids for them to have a refreshing and vibrant look on the wedding day. These flowery bobby pins comes in elegant gift boxes which makes it easier for you to gift to your recipient in no time.

Flower Wreath

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As we all know, snap chat users are everywhere and there is this fairy look that makes everyone go gaga with. You can achieve that in real life by having this beautiful flower wreath which is made from real dried flowers. This flower wreath is perfect for garden weddings as an accessory to the bridesmaid or even the bride herself.

Rainbow Colored Flower Ring

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Summer is one of the favorite season of most people because there are tons of fun activities that you can do. Variety of flowers bloom during summer time and if you have a perky lady love who if a big fan of summer then this rainbow colored ring is the best fit for her.

Preserved Hydrangeas Bangle

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Hydrangeas is a bountiful flower which boasts its beauty all the time. Some say that if someone gives you Hydrangeas that means the giver expresses great gratitude for having you in their life. Flowers wither in time and if you want to express your gratefulness that would last a lifetime then this Hydrangea bangle would do the trick. This beautiful bangle showcases the beauty of Hydrangeas captured inside a clear resin bangle that can be perfectly worn anytime and anywhere.

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