Gorgeous Polynesian Jewelry to Add to Your Collection

Last updated on June 11th, 2018

“Ohana means family”, this is my favorite Lilo ‘n Stitch line from the movie.  If you could remember, the movie was set in a tropical country where Polynesians are residing.  I could clearly remember the warmness of the people portrayed and I could not help myself from noticing their unique jewelries.  Polynesian jewelry from these interesting people can also be bought online and you can save time and money from going there personally just to get a taste of their culture.  If your eyes are on these Polynesian jewelry just like me, then you need to check out our top finds from the web on the list below.

Lauhala And Black Pearls Necklace

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Elaborate flower crowns and necklaces are often seen in Polynesian jewelries. You can have a taste of this culture by gifting your lady love this Lauhala and black pearls necklace. The Lauhala flower measures an inch and half with black pearls in the middle. Make your woman feel like a Polynesian princess when you give her this lavish necklace that she can wear in her casual clothes or even on her party dress. The cord is made from 100% polyester which makes it fit most sizes.

Fish Hook Necklace

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A Polynesian fisherman uses a fish hook as bait when he goes fishing. This Maori nephrite jade fish hook necklace is inspired by the way of life of this industrious fellow. This necklace is made from 100% Pacific materials such as this nephrite jade. The cord is made from leather which makes it adjustable and fits most sizes. The nickel clasp of this necklace makes it easy to wear too. Your lady can wear this in any occasion she wishes and let her glamour as she pleases.

Kukui Nut Lei

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Make your muse feel like an authentic Polynesian babe as she wears this astounding kukui net lei. This beautiful lei is made from authentic kukui nuts that run up to 38 inches long. This comes in black so she can wear this in almost any occasion from formal to casual wear.

Sea Turtle Bracelet

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The sea turtle bracelet is hand made to perfection by the skillful and talented artisans to give you the excellent island feeling of the Polynesians. This bracelet is Hawaiian inspired and styled with coqui taino and Indian sun too. The bracelet is adjustable so it can fit almost anyone. Your lady would have an instant island welcome when she gets to see this beautiful bracelet inspired by the wonderful sea turtle from the island.

Coconut Arm Band

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Bracelets are so stereotyped, if you want something one of a kind for your aspiring Polynesian babe then gifting this real coconut arm band would surprise her. Imagine wearing authentic coconut shell as jewelry that is something that you don’t see every day. This coconut arm band is beautifully designed that is made to fit both men and women as well. The arm band runs from fourteen to sixteen inches.

Coconut Earrings

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The refreshing coconut is such as wonderful fruit that you just can’t take your eyes off. If you have a thing for coconuts and would be amazed by having it dangling on your ears then this pair of coconut earrings is made just for you. This stunning pair of earrings is beautifully crafted by hands and intricately designed to perfection. The coconuts are made from polymer clay to realistically copy the beautiful coconuts. You can let your bride wear this Polynesian jewelry on her casual wear and be a stunner as always!

Flip Flop Abalone Pendant

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Aloha from Hawaii can be uttered in a dashing way by gifting this flip flop abalone pendant to your loved one. This one of a kind pendant is a gorgeously crafted abalone shell shaped into an Islanders pendant. The pendant is approximately seven eight inch tall and the chain runs for up to eighteen inches in length. The simplicity of this necklace screams Polynesian and the beauty of it is just astounding. This is best worn on top of a summer tank top to achieve that complete summery feeling!

Sunset Necklace

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Witnessing the sunset is one of the beautiful and satisfying experience that you can have. It’s not every day that you can get to appreciate this wonderful phenomenon since we are all busy with life. You can get to experience the beautiful sunset in Polynesian style through this sunset necklace. Reminisce the marvelous Polynesian dance at sunset that you and your loved one has experience through this necklace. The pendant is approximately an inch and stunningly hangs from a seventeen inch rubber cord complete with a lobster claw clasp for security and easy handling.

Totem Necklace

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Whenever you say the word Polynesian, the totem would be one of the first things that would be visualized. The totem is believed to give good luck that’s why Polynesians believe on this. You can surprise your lady love with this unique totem necklace to wish her all the best of luck while giving her the Polynesian vibe that she longs for. This necklace can be adjusted from seventeen up to thirty three inches long. This is best worn on top of a white shirt for more emphasis as well.

Maori Face Pendant

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The Maori or the Tiki man is a recognized Polynesian trademark. This symbol is widely known as an emblem of the Polynesian culture. The Tiki man is believed to be the first one who inhabited the earth from the stars. Although there are many meanings heard but the most favorite of which is that it is a source of good luck and fertility. Either way, you can wow your muse by gifting her this Maoi face pendant to make her feel like a Polynesian and let this necklace drive the evil spirits away as what the Polynesian culture’s believe. This Polynesian jewelry makes her a fashionable and lucky girl then!

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