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Last updated on March 28th, 2018

The wedding day is the celebration of the union of two hearts beating now as one.  For most people, the do put their best foot forward and make it as special as possible since it is a very celebrated event.  If you are invited to a wedding day and you are now bothered with the undying question of: “What gift should I bring?” then you came into the right place.  The couple may have a gift registry and it would be wise for you to check it out so that you would have an idea on the items that they really like.  To make things more special for the lovebirds, it would be great to surprise them with some personalized gift items since personalizing a gift makes it turn into a unique gift that is only meant for the recipient.  In other words, it makes your ordinary gift be more fascinating than ever!  Check out our top favorites of personalized wedding gifts that are certainly going to swoon your newlyweds.

Personalized Wooden Wine Box

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What would be a fun way to celebrate a wedding day? That’s right, by having a toast to the lovebirds for making a great big step up in their relationship. Do you know that there is a fun way in gifting the newlyweds some bubbly bottle of champagne and that is by enclosing it inside this personalized wine box. This wine box is etched with: Mr. and Mrs. with their last name and their wedding date too. This wine box fits standard size of champagne, wine and whisky.

Monogrammed Beverage Tub

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The wedding ceremony is the heartfelt celebration of the love between the couple and the reception that follows it is the next best thing to look forward too. This is so when there are plenty of bubblies and cold drinks for all. If you want to make the couple’s wedding reception more fun, this monogrammed beverage tub is the personalized way of giving them cold and tasty wine with love. This beverage tub has their initials and wedding date as the centerpiece and the highlight of the bubblies inside.

Customized Marriage Photo Sign

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The newlyweds have tied the knot and you are raving for joy for them. You are a witness of their undying love for each other and you do believe that true love never ends. Show your support for the wed friends through this customized marriage sign. Choose at least three best photos of the couple of the year and to seal the deal a heart-warming message comes with it which says: True love never ends. They can proudly display this customized marriage sign on their private space and see how fascinated you are with their love story.

Framed Song Lyrics (With State Print)

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You know the power of a song when it gives you the nostalgic feelings when you hear it being played or even when you see the lyrics. Every wedding has a specific theme song that makes everyone fall in love all over again. To surprise the newlyweds, it would be great to gift them a framed song lyrics with their names and wedding date being featured at the center. This is certainly a one of a kind wedding gift idea that they can’t find anywhere else since it is made especially for them.

Scratch Off World Map

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The couple that travels together stays fun together! Travelling together creates a stronger bond between couples. If you have a wedding day to attend to whose couple are travel buddies as well then this scratch off world map would be the perfect gift for them. Let them scratch the places they have been to together and let this map be their guide in planning their next destination together! You can personalize it with a maximum of 15 words the included card that comes along with the gift tube. This is one of the personalized wedding gifts a couple can use for a long time!

3D Etched Arc Plaque

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Being married to someone that you love and adore is like having a living trophy to be with you for the rest of your life. In order to celebrate the couple’s love and to let them know how you adore their brave decision is by surprising them with this 3D etched arc with their pretty and glowing faces as the main attraction. They can proudly put this beautiful piece on their favorite table and be a conversation starter at all times.

Personalized Couple Rubber Stamp

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Thank you cards and fancy notes are being prepared by the newlyweds. To help them in saving some time signing each of the cards, this personalized couple rubber stamp would come in handy. Their faces are clearly and drawn in full details as they are carefully marked on the stamp. The stamp it produces also provides a light and comical atmosphere for the receiver because they can vividly imagine seeing the couple’s happy faces as they say thank you to their valued guests for coming to their wedding day.

Charcoal Couple’s Photo

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Photos are still remembrance of the happy moments in life. Photos are overrated, for a change make it more dramatic. Give the newlyweds a romantic evidence of their wedding day by gifting this charcoal photo which captures their loving scenes that you treasure from their big day. The artist has a very keen attention to details and you would be amazed with her work.

Shado Metal Art

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Capture the best and loving moment of the newlyweds through this unique Shado metal art work. Photos are a thing of the past, this one is certainly a head turner and can amaze your newlywed friends. Ensure to choose the most favorite photo of the couple of the year for them to enjoy this elegant art work at all times!

Sweethearts Bobbleheads

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Tying the knot is one of the biggest milestone that couples go through together. In order to give a lighter side of the event, this comical and refreshing sweetheart’s bobbleheads would blow their minds away. This caricature can colorfully show their cute image together and be fun remembrance of their wedding day.

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