Beautiful Personalized Valentines Day Gifts for Him

Do you like giving your man personalized stuff? You can get him one this V-Day. Here are some genius personalized Valentines Day gifts for him!

Monogram Liquor Flask

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You know your man loves his brandy or bourbon so much. Why not let him carry his drinks with him? This monogram liquor flask holds 7 ounces of delicious alcohol... enough to warm him up but not enough to get him drunk. Perfect for cold winter days.

Personalized Pocket Watch

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For me, the pocket watch is *the* accessory of the gentleman. Buy your guy a personalized pocket watch. Example, this silver pocket watch can be engraved on the front, giving way to your sweet Valentine's Day message. This is a very useful personalized Valentines day gifts for him.

Labeled Boxer Shorts (*Your Name* was Here!)

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This is a really funny present! But really, you were there, right? This cute boxer shorts has you name on it, sealed with kisses. *wink wink*

Funny, sexy and personalized. This is what this cute gift idea is.

Personalized Bathrobe

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Your man should always look like a luxury car owner whenever he walks out of that bathroom! Get him one of these Turkish cotton bath robes. I assure you, he will never go back to using traditional towels again when he starts using your Valentines present for him. You can have his name embroidered on the left chest area of the robe for that personalized look.

Secret Message Dress Shirt Collar Stays

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Collar stays make dress shirts look extremely sharp. This particular set of collar stays lets you have them engraved with your message for your man. Sweet and romantic and subtle. This is a perfect Valentine's Day present for that hardworking corporate man.

Love Birds Couple's Coffee Mug

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This is an awesome way to start your Valentine's Day morning! A good breakfast in bed, maybe some heart shaped bacon, some pancakes and coffee served in this super nice coffee cups. You can have this couple's coffee cup personalized by adding your names.

Personalized Bar Necklace

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This bar necklace is a super nice idea! It is minimalist, perfect for that manly man. You can have your message, his name or other stuff engraved on any side (or all, if you wish) of the necklace. Super nice looking jewellery, especially when he is wearing a flannel.

Engraved Washer Bracelet

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Another jewellery you can customize! This washer bracelet looks rugged, which is something a manly man will wear. You can have a message, GPS coordinates or his name engraved on the face of the washer.

DIY Valentines Day Present for Him: Personalized Love Coupons

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Love coupons should never be absent in Valentine's Day gifts especially for men. Men love getting love favors. These are not limited to sexual ones... a man also loves getting a free back rub, chore free day or to see you making his favorite dinner. You can personalize your coupons according to your artistic capabilities and what stuff you are willing to do. (I love that site.. so many ideas!) has a really nice post in making one booklet of love coupons.

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