12 Coolest, Most Stunning Peacock Gifts

Peacocks are eye catchy and often associated with beauty and royalty because of its color.  The peacock is known to symbolize royalty, awakening, protection and spirituality.  In Christianity, the peacock represents the church.  While in Hinduism, the peacock represents patience, luck and kindness.  In Persia, the peacock is often seen in engraving of stones as they are believed to be the guardians of royalty.  While in Greek and Roman mythology, the peacock is known to have eyes of the stars on its tail.

The term peacock is actually coined for the male bird while the female is known as a peahen, while the offspring are called peachicks.  Since this lovely bird or peafowl in general is popularly called as the peacock, most fanatics enjoyed its beauty without discerning it as male or female.  I bet you know someone who loves the peacock or uses it as an inspiration then you need to check our twelve listings of peacock gifts from the items below for your reference.

Peacock Porcelain Tea and Coffee Mug

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Tea time would never be the same again! Why? Because now you can enjoy your favorite cup of tea more by housing it on this peacock porcelain mug. This porcelain mug features the beautiful peacock in blue color. The lovely cream tassel of this peacock porcelain mug gives it a unique and classy look. The beautiful design on the peacock porcelain mug and also on its gift box are eye catchy and classy at the same time! Since this peacock porcelain mug comes in a gift box, you can save time and money in wrapping it and makes gift giving easier too!

Peacock Coffee Cup Set

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If you want something that is hand made with a very elegant design as a gift then this peacock coffee cup set is our highly recommended gift idea. This peacock coffee cup set is a hand crafted work of art that can hold up to a hundred and eighty ml of liquid. You can be amazed with the peacock design on the cup as the feathers look three dimensional. The packaging of this coffee cup set is neatly stored on a silk cloth which makes it look beautiful from the moment you open the box.

Serenity Prayer Peacock Travel Mug

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Keep your coffee fix with you even when you are always on the go through this pretty looking peacock travel mug. This travel mug is not just beautiful but it also gives inner strength through the printed serenity prayer on the insert design of this travel mug. The majestic peacock is the main attraction of this travel mug which is featured gracefully on the cover. This travel mug can house up to twelve ounce of coffee and that is equivalent to one large cup! It can store both hot and cold beverage too! The ergonomic design of this peacock travel mug makes is easier to handle, grip and take anywhere you please. The lid keeps your beverage secured while the non-slip bottom keeps your travel mug sturdy too.

Vintage Peacock Compact Purse Mirror

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Admiring one’s beauty can be done anytime through this vintage peacock compact purse mirror. This peacock compact purse mirror features a beautiful peacock designed in a vintage style which makes checking your foundation smudge and blotted mascara easier anytime and anywhere. Beauty is indeed more enjoyable when you can easily have access to it especially if your personal mirror also features a lovely creature such as the peacock. This compact purse mirror comes in four inches in size and is foldable for easier storage and grip.

Peacock Feather Makeup Bag

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They say that beauty should come from within but you also have the power to unleash your inner beauty by using the right make up along with a balanced meal and exercise. If you have tons of makeup trashing on your bag then you need to tidy them up by using this peacock feather makeup bag. This make up bag is a fascinating make up bag with a peacock feather as design. It comes in different colors and sizes to choose from to accommodate everyone’s storage needs.

Peacock Hair Clip

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Keep your hair tied and still make it beautiful through this one of a kind peacock hair clip. This hair clip comes in a ribbon form with the charming peacock at the center. The ribbon serves as the peacock’s feathers spread out and gives the impression of a miniature peacock on your locks. Accessory peacock gifts like these is a sure present for you bff.

Peacock Blue-Scales Sleeping Bag

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An adventurer loves camping too much and sleeping outdoors is not a big deal too! If you know an adventurer who loves to camp or you are too then this peacock blue scales sleeping bag is the perfect sleeping buddy for you! This peacock sleeping bag is a mesmerizing camping bag which makes your co-campers envious since it is designed in a beautiful way to copy the peacock’s feathers. When you put it on and start to sleep, you can imagine being a lovely peacock! Be cozy and keep your feet warm and sleep soundly through this one of a kind sleeping bag that resembles a peacock.

Opal Phoenix Peacock Necklace

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Be a head turner and break necks as you put this mesmerizing opal phoenix peacock necklace on you! This necklace features the eye-catchy peacock as it is glazed in charming crystal rhinestones that adds glare and shine to the wearer. This opal phoenix peacock necklace is handcrafted which gives you the assurance that the details and designs are very intricate and well-done. This stunning peacock necklace is a stylish jewelry that can be worn on special occasions and even on regular days to add some spice to your usual wardrobe. This beautiful peacock necklace comes in a golden gift box which makes gift giving easier for the sender.

Peacock Dress

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The peacock is a lovely creature that mostly we see in blue and green. You can admire its beauty all day long if only you could. You can be a peacock for a day or two by wearing this peacock dress. This peacock dress comes in the color of the peacock’s feathers. You can wear it as a swimwear cover up or as a top as you please. This peacock dress is made from silk crepe de chine and is made in Canada but ships worldwide.

Peacock Journal

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Keep your thoughts, important events and reminders in a beautiful journal such as this peacock journal. This peacock journal is an inviting and mesmerizing handmade item that is made beautiful because of its peacock theme. The cover of this peacock journal is made of leather with acrylic paints, gold foil and metal elements that gives it a glossy varnish look. The inside of this journal is made with one hundred white lined A5 sheets that makes this journal the perfect diary for the peacock lovers out there!

Peacock Throw Pillow

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Make your dull looking couch stand out through this peacock throw pillow cover. This peacock throw pillow cover is beautifully designed to achieve the life like ensemble of a peacock’s feathers. The peacock throw pillow cover is handmade with the print on the front only. The fabric used on this throw pillow cover is made of cotton which makes it ultra-soft to touch. Sizes vary to accommodate most throw pillows available in the market.

Abstract Peacock Painting

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Add life to your living room by hanging this breath taking abstract peacock painting on your plain wall. This one of a kind peacock gifts features a magical peacock in gold and silver color as painted by Abira Bose. This painting comes in thirty size by twenty four inch and is ready to hang anytime. Make your living room or any part of your house come to life by hanging this beautiful abstract peacock painting on your wall! This would be a charming gift that you can get to impress someone that you love or even someone that you hate to get them to love you instead!

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