Panda-Themed Gift Ideas for Panda Lovers

Last updated on April 12th, 2018

Most people are drawn to panda bears because they are cute, unique and cuddly. But an animal ecology research shows that one of the many reasons we love pandas is that they remind us of ourselves. Pandas eat sitting up and using their hands to handle food that really resembles the way humans sit on the floor. Their strong bamboo diet also reminds us of how we eat leafy vegetables. So you can count vegetarians in as panda lovers too!

Moreover, humans are programmed to respond to a child’s needs. That’s why pandas popularity endures brought by their eye patches that make their eyes look bigger and display baby features. Pandas’ eyes are also likened to messy eye makeup application or dark heavy eye bags in popular internet memes.

Let their adorable antics inspire you to buy these panda-themed gift ideas. These will make a perfect gift idea for any panda bear lover.

Panda Kigurumi / Onesie

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Do you still remember Taylor Swift's music video of We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together? Her squad there are all sporting cute animal onesies! Be part of the squad too and get this panda jumpsuit to showcase your love for pandas and you will never ever get out of style!

Panda Pajamas for Women

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Your sleep will never ever felt as good as in this panda pajamas. Although mostly intended for sleepwear, this comfy and easy to wear PJs are great for loungewear too. Now you're ready to cool off during summer nights.

Panda Tank Top for Men

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Turn any outfit into an expression of your passion for pandas. This panda tank top is great for hot summer days or as a layering piece for chilly nights. Pair it with jeans or shorts and your summer attire is now worthy for an OOTD!

Pirate Panda Messenger Bag

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Panda's are usually portrayed as cute and adorable but never a badass! So, here's a pirate panda printed to your messenger bag that also combines form, function and fashion. Great for a day hike, books, traveling or as a fun alternative to your standard purse. It is also roomy and durable enough for a laptop and/or other electronic gadgets.

Panda Laptop Skin

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Protect your laptop from dust, stain and scratches with this lightweight laptop skin designed with cute panda bears busily munching some bamboos. Now prep yourself for compliments.

Panda Bumper Sticker

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Make your car a reflection of your panda obsession with this quality bumper sticker that will provide years of life against heavy rain intense sunlight and the most severe of traffic jams. It is also printed with water-resistant ink so it is not going to fade.

Panda Body Pillow

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Body pillows are the perfect snuggle companion as they give you all the comfort you need for a restful night of slumber. And they are also an easy and affordable way to decorate your bed. Accent it with a panda and you've got yourself a more huggable pillow. Get one for yourself or your loved ones today and curl up!

Panda Glass (For Glass of Milk)

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Make this panda decorated glassware the perfect party favor or present for birthdays, Christmas and farewell parties so your loved ones will never forget to drink their milk. This drinking glass has a classic feel but a very cute style that will make you enjoy filling your glass with milk as it fills the black stencil panda outline with white background from milk.

Panda Mug and Spoon

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Have more fun with your coffee or hot chocolate as you stir it in a panda designed mug with a matching panda spoon to help swirl in extra sweetness. Be as cute as panda as you sip your favorite beverage with this!

Kung Fu Panda Beach Towel

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Any panda lover is certainly a fan of the badass “Po” of Kung Fu Panda. This beach towel printed with the cast of Kung Fu Panda is a must to complete your panda collections. It is comfy and suitable for trip to the gym or beach or just day-to-day use.

Panda Wristwatch

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Watches are the perfect gift for trendsetters looking for a fashion accessory, a style statement and a custom timepiece. Showcase your love for pandas in this chic and fun wrist watch that could be a perfect gift for all occasions.

Panda Journal

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Are you looking for a perfect notebook to jot down notes and ideas throughout the day? Are you looking for a great diary to fill in with your life adventures? Are you also looking for a perfect addition to your panda-themed gift ideas? Time to purchase this panda journal, complete with inside holders for reminders, cards, etc.

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