Paired Gifts for Couples This Valentine’s Day

Getting matching stuff has been somewhat of a tradition for couples. What better way to show off your love by wearing something that is half of the one who owns your heart?

Here are paired gifts for couples that you can give (or buy yourself with your special someone!) this Valentine’s Day:

I Like His Beard, I Like Her Butt Couple Pillows

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Girls want beards and guys like curvy butts. While you can’t scream this declaration out on many occasions, you can have this statement pillows in your bedroom. Your little secret can be shared between you two in the premise of your love nest. It’s soft, it’s sweet, it’s adorably sexy. Not only that, it’s made of quality materials that will last as long as your relationship.

Mr. and Mrs. Couple Aprons

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If you’re one half of a couple who loves cooking for each other, chances are, sometimes you don’t even have aprons and your shirts have suffered stains on different occasions. While cooking is fun, doing laundry…not so much. Better late than never. Keep your clothes clean and your meals perfect by purchasing these couple aprons. You’ll have more time to spend with each other than sorting out your dirty clothes.

He’s Mine, She’s Mine Phone Cases

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Believe it or not, phones can be a cause of rift in relationships. Social media is said to steal our attention from our partner and that’s why this became an acceptable practice (of course, with limits). And while we are buried on our phones, for good reasons or not, you can still show your partner that they have your love by getting this pair phone cases.

Wooden Couple Watches

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Wooden accessories became a trend a few years back because of it’s fresh and unique aesthetic. Besides, having adequate time for each other is crucial to make relationships thrive. And let’s be honest, that we’ve been late once or twice before, for a date. Watches will be cost-effective and stylish, and a perfect opportunity to showcase your relationship in public. You can have them engraved for a more personalized touch.

Couple Scarves

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While hugs are the best way to keep your partner when it’s chilly, you can’t really always be doing public displays of affection. So as an alternative option, buy them a scarf which can match one for yourself. Each scarf has a monogram, an ‘X’ for hugs and an ‘O’ for kisses. It’s handmade which makes them extra special.

Couple Earphones with Sharing Adapter

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One relationship milestone may be sharing playlists with one another. A few months more, you might have a shared playlist, a compilation of your relationship’s theme songs. The usual way is to share earphones, you get an earbud each. But this revolutionary adapter lets you have your own earphones each but retains the sweet sentiment of listening to your favorite tunes together.

Custom Clay Couples Figurine

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If you lovers love board games and you are looking for something to get pieces to represent you better during game nights, you can have custom made miniature clay figurines that looks exactly like you. You can also use them decorative pieces or trinkets to remind you how far you two have reached since your eyes met. What a unique paired gifts for couples!

Couple Key Ring and Necklace

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The key ring is in the shape of a heart with a heart cut out that goes as a pendant for a necklace. They are made of copper and rose gold plating for a dreamy look. You can have a custom engraved message to surprise your better half.

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