Unique, Playful and Nerdy Bottle Openers

A bottle opener is a small piece of tool that comes in handy and useful when drinking session is just around the corner.   This is also one important tool that every guy should have in his possession.  This can be one practical gift to give to a guy friend, a brother, an uncle and even for fathers. Consequently, one interesting use of a bottle opener is that it can keep track of the number of bottles opened and consumed. You can literally count the caps as you open the bottle.  And so, the search for a unique, playful and nerdy bottle openers is up.  Below is a list of interesting bottle openers that can be a conversation starter among dudes when they start boozing.  Choose the one that best fits his personality so well.  Read on.

"Down the Pike" Sgt Pryer Green Army Man Bottle Opener

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This unique bottle opener is a perfect gift for the military fans, fellows who like history especially WWII or the Vietnam War and dudes who as a kid loves the toy army soldier figurines. Surely, this will bring back childhood memories when displayed on the drinking table. Aside from its great functionality and ease of use, opening of beers or sodas now becomes a fun experience. There is no struggling with those tiny pocket bottle openers anymore. Its witty packaging also adds up in making it as a best gift for him.

U.S. Army Dog Tag Bottle Opener

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This brass with enamel dog tag shape bottle opener is one of a kind as it pays tribute to the men and women of the US Army. This is great for guys who may show interest in the navy, air force or the army. This is also a perfect gift to men who are leaders in their organization or whose traits is that of a great mentor. This practical piece features the US Army’s five-point star logo in front. The revere side shows the black beret and underneath it is imprinted the warrior ethos that says “I will always place the mission first, I will never accept defeat, I will never quit, I will never leave a fallen comrade”.

Playing Cards Bottle Opener

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This stylish and one of a kind bottle opener is for the outgoing, cool guy next door type. This bottle opener will come in very handy to those dudes who likes partying, night clubbing and playing poker. It is not only cute but very functional as well. With its credit card size, this stainless opener can be stored in the wallet, pocket or even in the car. This should be in the must have tools of every guy who is always on the go. Interestingly, this fun, novelty piece comes in 10 pieces when ordered and the best part is that, the ten gentlemen in your life can benefit from this small gizmo.

Magnetic Push Down Bottle Cap Opener

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If you know of a person who finds bottle caps fascinating, then this bottle opener is especially made for him. With Its automatic feature, the cap sticks on the magnet and it effortlessly twist the cap off, removing the bottle cap on its perfect condition – no dent, no scratch and no traces of bending. So, for cap collectors and for those who like to display their cap collections, this stuff is heaven sent. Quick and easy to use and comes with stainless steel exterior making it a great companion for parties and get-togethers.

T-Rex Dinosaur Bottle Opener

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This bottle opener serves different purposes depending on the one using it. First and foremost it is a cap opener, where it tears off the bottle cap when placed in the dinosaur’s jaw. If not in use, this dinosaur which is made from cast iron can also serve as a decoration for display in the house. If kids are around, this can be made as a toy for imaginative play. Moreover, if there are themed parties, this can be a great monstrous centre piece. However, the best part is that if used as a bottle opener, it surely will be a roarsome drinking spree and a talking starter to any great party.

Stamped Bottle Opener

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For the guy who plans to settle and get married soon, this cute keychain bottle opener is a cool gift to give to the soon to be groom or to any dude who is in a relationship. It has a dual purpose of a key chain and a bottle opener in one piece. What is also so good about this is that this bottle opener keychain can be hand stamped to your liking. A favorite love quote can be engraved for a more personal touch such as this quote: “All you need is love and a beer”.

Personalized Wood Pocket Knife and Multi-Tool Key Chain

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A bottle opener that comes with a knife is surely a must have for any outdoorsy guy. A knife is one tool that is very useful, functional and beneficial and if paired with a bottle opener and other tools such as a blade, screw, file and scissors, this will come naturally handy anywhere and anytime. Perfect for those guys who love the outdoors, camping, hiking, the mountains and the beach. This personalized wood pocket knife also has an elegant touch to feed the gentleman in him where his name can also be engraved. It comes complete with a ring to make it more convenient.

Man Comb Bottle Opener

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This unique and functional bottle opener is an ultimate tool for him. It can take care of his hair, his beard and of course his beer. This man sized comb is a perfect companion for the busy gentleman as it can easily fit in any pocket. It is made of stainless steel and brass making it very sturdy and compact. This is very practical to have and its bottle opening feature is ergonomically satisfying to use.

Bourbon Barrel Bottle Opener

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Anything that is made of wood is essentially chic and stylish. This bourbon stave bottle opener made out of a bourbon barrel from Kentucky is elegant to use in a formal or informal drinking sprees with family and friends. If not in use this is also a perfect décor to put in the bar or in the kitchen. This will be a perfect gift for male family members and friends.

Custom Wood Magnet Bottle Openers

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This custom wood magnet bottle opener is a unique gift for a unique person. This quality engraved wood bottle opener also serves as a fridge magnet. It will be a fun and functional gift to give. It can serve as a personalized thank you gift where you can put your personal message. Design your own magnets and on the side will give you a talking point while opening beers or sodas with your loved ones.

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