National Tartan Day: Celebrations, Origin, Gift Ideas

Last updated on November 16th, 2020

Plaids and prints, well you need not to be surprised when you see people wearing these on April 6.  On this day, the United States is commemorating National Tartan Day.

When Is It Celebrated? April 6

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More About Scotland

Tartan is Scotland’s patterned woven lines.  Scotland is mostly recognized with this pattern as seen on skirts and other clothing.

Tartan Skirt

Tartan Skirt

Last April 6, 1320, the declaration of Arbroath was signed which is the declaration of the independence of Scotland.  Actually, the American declaration of independence is patterned from this declaration of Arbroath.

The Senate passed a resolution in April 6, 1998 in the United States and declared is as National Tartan Day.  It also acknowledges the achievements of Americans of Scottish descent.

The favorite New Year’s song “Auld Lang Syne” is a Scottish traditional song which means “old long since.”

What Do People Do on National Tartan Day?

Parades are seen in New York and other major cities during National Tartan Day.  Bag pipes bands that are playing Scottish music while wearing tartan patterns can be seen.  These are usually organized by American Scottish Foundation.

In Canada, they also observe National Tartan Day.  They also have parades like in the US; the only difference is the maple leaf tartan is the official Canadian tartan.

What Gifts to Give on National Tartan Day?

Tartan Day Card

If you have Scottish American friends whom you would like to surprise on National Tartan Day with some memorabilia or a gift but has not got any clue then you can check out our prepared list below.

First of all, you can start off by writing your warm regards on this National Tartan Day greeting card.  Then you can proceed with the gift ideas for your perusal.

For the Scottish American girls that you know, you can gift them this Tartan collection set.  It comes with a pair of earrings, bracelet and necklace.

Dog lovers of Scottish descent would love to have this Irish National Tartan dog collar and be proud as ever.

Let them stick this Scottish Thistle anywhere they want to let the whole world know of their Scottish lineage.

Scottish Thistle

A practical gift you can give this coming National Tartan Day is this shirt which says your greetings.  This shirt comes in different colors to choose from too.

For your Scottish Canadian friend, who looks sharp in his suit all the time, this maple leaf tie would do the trick.

For those with baby boys, you can gift them this Scottish National plaid kilt to make him extra cute on National Tartan day.

Chocolate lovers would definitely love to be surprised with this sweet wonders but it would be timely to gift your Scottish Canadian friend with a box of Canada maple leaf tartan on the event.

Tartan Skit by Geneva Vandezeil

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