National Library Workers Day: Gifts and Celebrating the Holiday

Last updated on November 16th, 2020

One of the most valuable form of entertainment is to read a book.  Although, in this age books are starting to be a thing of the past since eBooks, online texts are rampant already.  For a bookworm like me, I still prefer to read a real book than an eBook.  I think it is better to ask a librarian for some help in finding an interesting book than to Google everything up.  Library workers are integral members of schools and local libraries that’s why there is a day that is dedicated just for them and that is the National Library Workers Day.

When Is It Celebrated? April 12

Gifting Level: 4/5

What is National Library Workers Day?

The National Library Workers Day is a special day to commemorate the importance and recognize the contributions of librarians, library workers, administrators in the library.  It is celebrated on the 12th of April.

How National Library Workers Day Started

A resolution was proposed last January 25, 2003 stating that in order to recognize the valuable contribution and dedication of library support staff, a special day would be dedicated just for them.  It would be celebrated on the Tuesday of the National Library week (which is from April 10 to 16) and call it as National Library Workers Day.

The local library is not only full of books nowadays, even school libraries are developed now and are both equipped with technology.  Although, everything is computerized now in this digital age, we still need the help of library workers. The trusty library workers have always been very helpful and of service.  They work efficiently and quietly.  They not only mastered sshhing the noisy ones at the library but they always know where to find the items that we need.  So go ahead and say thank you to your local library worker on National Library Workers Day by giving them some surprise from the list of our hand-picked ideas below.

Practical Gifts for Library Workers

This awesome library worker shirt says it all, when you think that your favorite librarian is just so awesome then gift this shirt to show how much you care.  It comes in various sizes and colors to choose from.

Books and coffee just go together, I should say.  Even your local librarian is not an exemption to this.  On National Library Workers Day, surprise your best librarian with this funny librarian mug to make coffee drinking in the library more fun for him or her.

The lovable librarian needs an organizer to keep the library desk clean and tidy.  Don’t forget to send some warm regards to your favorite librarian on their special day. Why not get her this lovable pencil holder?

Gifts for the Librarian Who Loves to Accessorize:

Librarian Charm Bracelet

Check out these cool items that would certainly make your favorite librarian smile on National Library Workers Day.

Of course, your local or school librarian did not become what they are no if they did not love books.  Get him or her a nice, interesting book or two.

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