Money Saving Gifts that Keep on Giving

Last updated on March 28th, 2018

Do you have that one friend who is  struggling with finances? If you do not want to gift money, you can get them money saving gifts. These gifts help tremendously in saving money by giving cheaper lifestyle alternatives or preventing wastage. Here are some ideas!

A Slow Cooker (We Love Crock Pot!)

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This is perfect for the person who likes delicious meals but are too busy. Before leaving, one can spend around ten minutes throwing in the ingredients into the slow cooker and turning it on. The small heat is enough to cook dishes perfectly, making a hot, delicious meal waiting when the recipient comes home at night. And yes, this is very safe to leave unattended... that is the intention of this product!

Energy Saving Box

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With the rising bill costs of electricity, one needs to cut the usage. This is what an energy saving box does! Just plug in into an electrical outlet that consumes the most electricity (an electric oven range or an air conditioning unit, perhaps) and watch the bill go down but cutting the energy consumption of one appliance!

Coffee Maker

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Instead of buying a latte at the coffee shop, one can just make coffee at home! Thanks to a coffee maker (and come ground coffee bean, too) you can make delicious coffee at a fraction of a regular Starbucks cup. Now, your recipient can get their daily caffeine fix without spending too much in overcrowded cafes.

Insulated Portable Cup

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This goes with the coffee maker above! If you friend likes to drink their coffee on the go, then you can also get an insulated cup so they can just brew their own latte at home then bring it on their commute to work. They can even use this at work as this is washable and reusable. This is also one eco chic gift because it reduces wastage of paper. And of course, it helps prevent wastage of money!

Herb Planting Kit

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An herb planting kit helps in saving money by giving the recipient herbs and green leafies for salads and as spice to their meats, reducing the overall costs of most meals. This is perfect for people who like salads and those who like home cook meals. This is a perfect companion gift to a slow cooker!

Toe-Touch Foot Spa

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After a long tiring day at work a person can go to a spa and spend a little money... or use a toe touch foot spa set and spend nothing while watching an episode of Game of Thrones! A toe touch foot spa is perfect for those who walk a lot on their work or those who run or hike.

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