Money-Saving Gifts for Single Moms

Single moms are extraordinary moms.  They play the role of two parents at the same time.  Being a nurturing mom, a woman and a breadwinner in the family entails unique budgeting challenges.  Raising a child or children and surviving on only a single income takes a toll on the single mom.  Being a single mom can be daunting and exhausting.  Keeping on top of the finances is quite difficult especially if you are flying in solo.  To give the single mom some money saving tips, you can gift her some of the fabulous gift ideas below to help her stretch her stash some more.  Check out our great finds below for your reference, you can gift these items in any occasions it may entail since these gift ideas are useful and are essential for any woman and a single mom is no exemption.

Energy Saving Box

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Electricity bill is one of the high maintenance bills around the house. Sometimes it’s too painful to see the raging cost of electricity bill and for the single mom it is dreading and depressing to see. Help your single mom to save some money by having a stabilized voltage at home and a balanced current through the energy saver saving box. It is environment friendly, low maintenance, and so easy to use. All you have to do is to plug it near the highest electricity consuming appliance such as air conditioner or refrigerator and see your electricity bill lessen with prolonged use.

Freezable Lunch Bag

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Eating out is one of the major expenses that any working mom would be guilty of. As we all know, food is a necessity and we can’t deprive ourselves from it. Help your single mom friend to save the cost from eating out by gifting this freezable lunch bag so that she would be encouraged to have homemade packed lunch. Packed lunch is good, safe and most of all cost less than most take outs and dining out.

Travel Savings Card

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If your single mom does not want to receive money as a gift then why not gift a travel savings card that would let her save as much as half of her usual travel fee. She can get wholesale rates for up to 50% off at car rentals, hotels worldwide and even on vacation rentals.

Coffee and Espresso Maker

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Coffee is one of the favorite hot drinks of many moms out there because it can kick start their day well. Starbucks and other branded coffee on the go are not that affordable and if you would sum up your consumption every day and try to compute how much it costs monthly, you would certainly have your jaw dropped when you see how much it costs. You can help your dear single mom to save some money from buying coffee outside by gifting her a coffee and espresso maker. She can enjoy the best elixir that she desires for a fraction of a cost and most of all she can do it right in her own home.

Dual Single Serve Ice Cream Machine

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Ice cream is one of the most favorite treats of the youngsters and we know that ice cream is not that cheap. You can now help your dear single mom to save money on ice cream by gifting her dual single serve ice cream machine. She can make her kids some delicious ice cream of two different flavors at the same time. She can also use this to have some extra income by selling her home-made ice cream in school fairs or in garage sales. If you have a soft ice cream lover single mom then this soft serve ice cream maker would suit her well.

Essential Oil Gift Set

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Destressing by going to a spa is one of the favorite guilty pleasures of many but as we know, the prices of spas are not that budget friendly at all. If you have a single mom who is fond of going to spas but is troubled with the pricey bills it entails then it would be great to gift her essential oil gift set. This essential oil gift set would give her the aromatherapy that she can benefit from going to a spa. It comes with an E-book too.

Hair Straightener Brush

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Frizzy and dull her maybe the result of her sleepless nights at work and less visits to the salon to save money. You can surprise your single mom with a fabulous make over without causing her to spend a fortune on her hair by gifting a fantastic hair straightening brush. This hair straightener brush can let her have the smooth and silky hair in just few minutes. Having that salon look without spending would be a win-win situation for the thrifty single mom!

Slow Cooker

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Eating out really adds up and becomes expensive if you do it everyday. The problem is, a single mother cannot add cooking into the equation because she already has a lot in her plate. The solution? A slow cooker. Just add all the sliced ingredients into the slow cooker in the morning and by dinner, she and her children will have a nice, warm meal ready. Slow cookers are practically safe to leave running inside the house because of the safety features and low voltage, so do not worry!

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