Marriage Counselor Gifts That Will Make Them Happy

A marriage counselor is a catalyst for change, and most especially understanding between couples. Usually, they are the persons who serve as an instrument to help two hearts find their way back to each other. They guide a married couple to the different stages of their relationship, especially when they are in the midst of heavy burden with regards to their marriage.

Counselors use a lot of techniques to help each couple overcome their issues or help them strengthen their bond, which is a tough job. No two couples are the same, which is why every couple requires a different method. They also give advices and suggestions in order to maintain a harmonious relationship between two people. How has a marriage counselor helped you before? How did you show them your gratefulness?

Here are some marriage counselor gifts you should consider.

The Marriage Counselor (Movie)

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This is a wonderful and heart-warming movie about a marriage counselor who strives to transform life and marriage. A good way to keep your counselor motivated and entertained is to give them something that they can easily relate with – which is this movie. By getting a copy for them, they will be able to inspire themselves to do better in their job and help more couples overcome their issues.

"Every Day is a Fresh Start" Wall Decor

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It is a neat art decoration printed with the sentence, “Everyday is a fresh start.” If you are looking for a gift item that can be a source of motivation for your counselor, this art print is the perfect one to get for them. They can use this as a display in their office which surely give hope not only to the counselor but to their clients as well.

Solving Marriage Problems (Jay E. Adams)

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This is an amazing book available in paperback, which will help counselors understand and deal with the typical problems that arise in a marriage. This guide book will be of great help to a counselor since it contains essential information that every counselor should know. Not only it will be a good read, but it will also be a wonderful addition to their collection.

"World's Okayest Counselor" Shirt

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It is a wearing apparel made from quality fabric especially designed to give comfort when worn. Also, it is printed with the words, “World’s Okayest Counselor.” This will be an ideal gift choice because of its sole function – to be worn. Your counselor can use this shirt at home, when they are outdoors and even at work. Since its design is related to their profession, they will be easily identified as a hardworking counselor of the town.

"Best. Counselor. Ever." Mug

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This is a white glossy mug made from ceramic, and printed with the words, “Best counselor ever” using sublimation printing method which guarantees the print to last for a long period of time. By giving them this mug, you are not only giving them something to drink from, but also an uplifting item and source of motivation which will be helpful for their profession. This item will surely be appreciated by your dedicated counselor.

"Keep Calm and trust the Counselor" Throw Pillow

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It is a soft and durable pillow made from quality soft fabric especially designed to give comfort when used during a person’s rest. This pillow will be a perfect present for your beloved counselor to help them get a good night sleep. It also has a design related to their profession so they it will be easy for them to identify that this pillow belongs to a counselor.

Most Relaxing Piano Album in the World Ever

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This is an album of a relaxing music collection of various piano instrumentals. If you are looking for a gift item which will help your counselor to loosen up a bit or relax themselves, you should get a copy of this album for them. They can also use this music collection when they are in the middle of a stressful session or when they want to concentrate on a paper work. Plus, it can be a good lullaby as well.

Handstands Cyber Gel Squeeze Ball

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It is a stress ball made from non-toxic gel and covered with a soft fabric material which gives a comfortable feeling whenever it is squeezed. It is also available in a wide range of colors which gives the customer the privilege to choose their favorite for a more personal feel. Stress is inevitable, especially for a counselor who constantly deals with couples undergoing a relationship issue. By giving them this stress ball, you are giving them the privilege to vent out and breathe to be able to calm themselves and find a way to guide their clients. Plus, they can even lend this to their clients which will make their sessions a lot easier.

Happy Bell Coffee

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This is a bag of twelve ounces medium dark roasted coffee. A cup of a nice and warm coffee is important to start or end a person’s day, which is the same case for a counselor. Once you decide to get one for your counselor, you will be giving them a good source of energy which will help them stay alert and active whenever they are headed for a long night. Tip: You can drink this with them and have a little chitchat with them to grow closer to them. Pair this with a box of their favorite pastries to complete the menu!

A Relaxing Jojoba Soap

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It is a scrub soap made from the combination of coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil, water, lye, jojoba granules, jojoba oil, wheat germ oil, sweet almond oil, and cocoa butter. One of the most effective ways to release stress is by taking a bath. If you want to add more enjoyment and relaxation to their bath time, this gift item should be the first one on your shopping cart. Through this soap, they will be able to remove dead skin cells and they will even have a softer and smoother skin which will make them look good despite of all the stress brought by their work.

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