Lion-Themed Gift Ideas for Lion Lovers

Last updated on July 11th, 2018

Have you watched Disney’s The Lion King a dozen times? Have you been to Singapore
and taken a picture with its symbolic lion statue? If you have done even just one of the two, I can fairly guess that you admire lions!

Lions are known as the king of the animal kingdom. They are strong and beautiful. They
demonstrate nobility and confidence. They are like ninjas because they are masters of the stealth approach. They are really smart which is why they can easily outwit their prey.

Lions being awesome creatures is one thing, but keeping them as pets is another thing. I suppose they won’t be as awesome and cute anymore when they rip out your throat or claw off your face. So of course, owning them is not advisable. Good thing! You can power up your love for lions with these lion-themed gift ideas. Hunt these collectibles just like how a lion would dominantly catch their prey.

Lion King Vinyl Sticker Wall Decal

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Do you still recognize this symbol from Rafiki's home? It is the very symbol of Simba, the destined king. Adorn this removable sticker in a safari themed nursery or children's bedroom and you will surely experience The Lion King ambiance while beautifying your interior wall.

Lion Artwork Throw Pillow

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Dress up your couch, love seat or bedroom with this beautiful decorative pillow with a hip abstract sketch of a lion splattered with neon watercolor. Its bright and vivid color will definitely liven up and add character to any space.

Lion Art Coffee Mug

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Treat yourself to a design that brings you joy as you declare your love for coffee and lions. Gift yourself or your loved ones only this premium ceramic mugs with wrap-around lion art that is great for hot or cold beverages. Don't break it and this will remain timeless because it is dishwasher and microwave safe and it has large handles for easy gripping.

Lion Mouse Pad

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Relax your hands and wrists just like this lion rests in this artsy mouse pad. Decorate your desk and protect your mouse from scratches, stain, dust and debris. It also stays put without sliding around so for sure, you can't wake up a lion from its sleep.

Lion-Themed Sticky Notes

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Tired of those bored looking sticky notes that pressures you with all the to-do lists and reminders? Well, it's definite time for you to express yourself creatively with this lion design sticky notes. It is also great for scrapbooking and craft projects.

Lion Head Laid Multipurpose Metal Wallet

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Is thinking for a Father's Day gift direct you to a necktie? Expand your options with this stylish and versatile metal wallet that can be used as a wallet, business card case, ID case and even pills. Its gold lion head design also recognizes that your father deserves a gift fit for a king.

Lion Design iPhone Wallet Flip Case

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Are you a fan of vintage design but a techie for the latest gadgets of today? Fret no more and mix the two with this unique and artistic handmade leather case with a walking lion pendant on the front. It is equipped with a magnetic lock that keeps your screen safe from dirt, scratch and bumps. It also has storage interior slots for carrying ID, cash and credit cards.

Cute Lion Cub Tote Bag

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Haul your belongings in style with this trendy, versatile and durable tote bag when you head out for shopping or a trip to the beach. It is made of a flexible and easy-to-fold fabric so you can store it even in a compact little space.

Roar Shirt

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Do you want your shirt to roar for you even without the usual lion face art and design? You can still do that by purchasing this ROAR printed tee with splatter for a cool and hip you.

Lion Socks

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Say goodbye to boring socks and get these fun and comfy socks that provides a perfect fit and strengthens your fandom to Lion King all brought to you by Socksmith's designs.

Lion Jewel Gold Ring

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Be reminded of your LSS days to Katy Perry's hit song “Roar” and let your family and friends see your fingers roar. This trendy oversized gold ring features a head of a hematite lion with a pearl in its mouth.

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