Kid’s Birthday Party Game Ideas That Will Guarantee a Happy Celebration

Birthdays had always been a happy moment for many people. Although the celebrant may expectedly be the highlight of this annual event—and thus be the happiest person in the crowd—even attendees themselves feel the cheer of the occasion, too. Even the young participants of the event, after all, know a thing or two about fun and it does not always involve receiving gifts.

Like most kids their age, children are easily amused with a simple gathering and activity with their fellow kids. More often than not, it makes them the life of many birthday celebrations whose center of the cheery celebration is a kid like them.

Yet, what better way to foster on this idea than to prepare a set of party game ideas that everyone will surely love as they engage on it.

1. Musical Chairs

Musical chairs had always been a fun game to play as it involves a few substantial elements that appeals on people’s interest, like music, the desire to win, and the prize. Although a game which also the adults play, even kids who had the wits to follow instructions will find this game idea very amusing.

Here’s how it works: Gather all the participating players and form them into a circle while counting their numbers. With them tallied, gather a number of chairs that is a number short with the number of the participants. For example, if the players are 12 people, set the number of chairs at 11.

The idea is to ensure that not everybody is getting a chair and therefore lose each participant one-by-one until one remains who is ultimately the winner.

Another rule to consider is that, per every one participant getting out from the play, so is the chair to which everybody should be fighting over for.

Many people are already familiar in how this game works. If not, it’s just a simple game where participants had to move on a straight line around a series of chairs. Every participant is expected to move on a straight line, following those in front of them, until such a time when the music stops and everyone scours for a chair to sit on.

Every round removes one participant, so there’s always that one lucky winner who would get the prize.

2. Pass the Parcel

Unlike other party games which takes skill and luck to win, this particular game is mostly dependent on just luck alone to win.

The game’s mechanics is simple: With the present as the prize, wrap around it as series of layers as if though a large onion. The goal is not to make a “ball” out of the parcel as makeshift for a sport but rather to keep it as thickly-covered as possible.

With a running music in the background, ask the participants to keep the parcel rolling from one hand to another until the music stops which signals the person holding the gift to do an unwrapping.

The process should go on and on until such a time that one lucky participant is able to wrap the last layer for the gift.

3. Treasure Hunts

Kids like finding stuffs simply out of curiosity. But using such inherent skill into something more rewarding, that is something every child would like.

The treasure hunts are, like what its name implies, about finding hidden treasures around certain areas of the place.

4. Old MacDonald Had a Farm

The “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” song should be very familiar for most kids. It’s practically a staple among children who’s still learning their words.

But to add some exciting elements into the game, this particular song requires each participant to designate a particular animal unique from the rest and enact on its noise when mentioned in the lyrics.

This kind of game is fun in that it actively piques every participant’s attention relative to the music.

5. Egg and Spoon Race

The Egg and Spoon Race is a relatively easy to follow game. With the goal of only keeping an egg intact across the track, this is a game that is easily understood yet quite difficult to do. Even adults themselves could not easily master this game.

Not only does this race requires speed, it also calls for a seamless mind and body coordination to keep the egg balanced while going across a specified track. Like any race, the first one to arrive from start to finish with the egg still whole is the winner.

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