9 Nifty, Cool and Useful Gadgets You Can Hook on a Keychain

Last updated on March 13th, 2018

Want to get something very small and very high tech and very useful? Look no further than keychain gadgets! These nifty tools hook into your keychain and seamlessly join the keys of your house and car and stay there, camouflaged until you use them!

On the photo: Tile (first of this list.)

Tile: Lets You Find Your Cellphone

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Tile is a small tile-like gadget that can be tracked via an iPhone app. You can hook it into a keychain, a cellphone or luggage and you can track the location via an app. This is a very useful gadget for those who lose their keys or cellphone in the house very often (like me). You can also let the tile play a loud tune so you can find them, which is helpful when you know the general area of where the lost item, but still cannot seem to find it.

Weather Station Keychain

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The Weather Station Keychain is a keychain that displays the weather time and date. This is perfect for someone who goes out of the house often so they know when or when not to go out and whether to bring a jacket or umbrella or a winter coat. It also has a flashlight -- a common but very useful addition!

BACtrack Keychain Breathalyzer

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For those who party and drink regularly, the BACtrack Keychain Breathalyzer is a heaven sent. Now, party animals can drink and be merry and find out if they can safely drive home or just stay in the area to let the drunkenness pass. Like the name implies, this breathalyzer is so small that it can be hooked to a keyring. Super cool!

Keychain Virtual Keyboard

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Are you someone who types better on the keyboard than on a smartphone? Then you should get this very portable keyboard that hooks up to your keyring. This is a virtual keyboard that laser-projects a keyboard on any hard, flat surface so you can type on it. It pairs up with your smartphone via Bluetooth so you can chat or type on your smartphone with ease. no more fat finger syndrome!

Monkey Fist Knot Keychain

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It looks like a harmless little keychain, eh? But it is a self defense tool! First, the ball on this knot is made of solid metal and is heavier than it looks. The rope is extremely durable and can withstand a lot of pressure. Put them together and you have a weapon that can crack skulls like a Morning Star. I swear this looks totally innocent, they even let this into airports! Super cool keychain accessory which I recommend especially for the ladies. Look at the video below:


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Scosche Fipsync is a keychain gadget that can charge and sync your USB devices: Android phone, USB speakers, USB headsets and more. It supports both micro and mini USB hubs and is small enough to hook into your keychain. handy for techy people who travel! Unfortunately, it does not handle iDevices.


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Fortunately, for the iPhone and iPad people like me, there is Avantree. This is a keychain accessory that unfolds to become an iDevice charge and sync cable! No more bringing cables that magically tangle in your bag! Just hook it into your keyring and use it when your iPhone runs low.

Keyport Slide

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Are you someone who carries around a bunch of keys? A lot of keys in a keyring is somewhat cumbersome, noisy and it takes too much space. You can organize and compact them into the Keyport Slide. It basically is a customizable key organizer that looks and act like a multitool. You need your car key? Slide it out. You need the key to your house? Slide that one out too. It also has a built in flashlight to let you see the keyhole in the dark! It makes a world of difference when you do not jingle when you walk!


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What happens when you are trapped inside the car? You you just sit there and wait for rescue? What if you accidentally drove yourself into a lake? You rescue yourself and smash the car windows, of course! Resqme is a nifty keychain that you attack to your car keys. This has a tool that can shatter windshields in an instant, with no force at all. You can never be too safe!

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