June Birthstone: The Best Pearl Jewelry Gifts for June Birthday Celebrants

Last updated on July 25th, 2018

Pearls are the only gemstones that are from a living creature. Mollusks or clams produce pearls by depositing layers of calcium carbonate.  However, the famous mother – of – pearl is only produced by only two species of bivalve mollusks that makes the lustrous, shimmering “nacreous” pearls that is valuable in jewelry.

Check out the fabulous gift suggestions for June celebrants and for those individuals who adore the pearl jewelry.

1. Freshwater Cultured Pearl & Crystal Ally Earrings

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These freshwater pearls are imported from the Pearl Source from the pearl farms in China. These earrings are mounted on the highest quality .925 sterling silver backings and this piece is adorned with the stunning cubic zirconia crystals. These precious earrings are also beautifully presented and are accompanied with a genuine cultured pearl guarantee, verifying the quality and sources of the pearls. In addition, the Pearl Source is one of the only leading Foundation Members of the Cultured Pearl Association of America (CPAA) on Amazon.

2. 14K Gold Drop Tahitian Pearl Earrings

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These exquisite and prized Tahitian pearls represent the finest in pearl selection. This pair is directly imported from the pearl farms of Tahiti. This south sea pearl is handpicked for its luster, quality, color, and cleanliness. These earrings are mounted on the highest quality 14K gold, in either white or yellow gold. Multiple pearl sizes may be selected for these earrings. This elegant piece is packed in the most well designed jewelry boxes and are used for the product’s packaging and shipment ensuring a sophisticated presentation.

3. White Freshwater Pearl Necklace Strand

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This charming strand pearl necklace is made of 9-10 mm round white freshwater pearls. All pearls are round shaped, with smooth skin and has a good luster. This necklace has a length of 17 & 18 inches and is locked with a gilt 8 shaped clasp. Interestingly, this necklace has multiple ways of wearing it. It can be worn as a single strand long sweater necklace or as a double row necklace. Pearl customization is also available in terms of pearl quality, size, setting and metal type. This pearl necklace is great for parties, special occasions and can be a precious gift to a loved one.

4. Champagne Baroque Pearl Necklace

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This classy single-strand necklace is made of 11-13.5 mm natural champagne baroque freshwater cultured pearl beads. The single-knotted design between each pearl is professionally done making it look exquisite and will also serve as protection so the pearls will not rub each other. Every particular necklace may differ from one another as each piece of baroque pearl is unique and one of a kind, so a difference in pearl shape and size is expected for every necklace ordered.

5. Akoya Cultured Pearl Ashley Ring

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For smaller sized pearls, Akoya pearls are considered to be the most desired and valuable. This Akoya cultured pearl Ashley ring is comprised of the highest quality of sterling silver at .925. Moreover, this Akoya pearl is imported directly from the source which is the pearl farms in Japan. This ring comes with a perfect gift box and the presentation is just as elegant as the ring itself

6. Majestic Natural Pearl Ring

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This is a beautiful ring with a pearl center stone set in solid 18 ct gold. The ring is really nice with its stunning detailed work and excellent craftsmanship along every curve. The Pearl in this ring is a nice natural South Sea pearl from the seas of Australia which is best known for its good quality of pearls. This ring comes in all sizes and a choice of 18k yellow, white and pink gold for a more classic and elegant look.

7. Set of 5 Multicolor Cultured Freshwater Pearl Stretch Bracelets

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This lustrous bracelet is made of cultured freshwater pearls. Its cloisonne bracelet promises a carefree and comfortable wear and its set of 5 multicolor design is meant to accentuate the wrist beautifully. It fits wrist sizes up to 7.5 inches. The pearls measure 6.0 mm - 6.5 mm and is best to wear in special and momentous occasion.

8. Freshwater Cultured White Pearl Strand Bracelet

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This strand bracelet is made of 14K solid yellow gold with freshwater cultured white pearl that measures 7.0 mm -7.5mm. The pearls are round shape with triple A quality and the bracelet itself is 7.5 inches long. The pearls have been carefully hand-picked from excellent quality with high luster level, color and good surface directly from pearl farms. The clasp of this bracelet is also made from 14k solid yellow gold fishhook and this comes with an elegant jewelry box to create a lovely presentation for your friends and family.

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