Ideas to Save Money on Birthday Gifts

Birthdays are always a celebration to look forward to every year, but no matter how excited you might be, there are times when you dread about the gift giving aspect, because you have bills piling up and not enough money to spare. It happens. We all go broke sometimes to the point where we count all the pennies that we have so that we can budget it until we get our next salary.

But don’t despair, because there are ways on how to save money while also giving an awesome gift for the birthday celebrant. All you need is an open and creative mind and of course lots of patience and a whole truck of resourcefulness. Go ahead and scroll own below to see how you can save money without going way out of your budget.

Keep Your Eye Out For Sales

Don’t wait up for the clearance sales during the Christmas season, because for sure there are a lot of other sales throughout the year and you have to keep your eye out for those and grab whatever you can, especially if you know that in a few weeks or a month, you have a friend or a family member who would be celebrating their birthday.

Who cares if you are getting presents very early on, at least you have managed to be extra prepared, which doubles up your thoughtful points, and you even managed to save a lot of money. Remember that there are a lot of sales during salary-giving weekends, so you might want to visit malls and boutiques during that time period.

Use Those Gift Coupons And Certificates

Whenever you are outside and walking peaceful down the streets, chances are you have encountered a lot of people giving away flyers and coupons that are part of their company’s advertising efforts.

Don’t be so fast in throwing them away, scan through the tiny paper and look if it is offering discount, which most often gives up to 70%, and availing them would mean a lot of savings for you. The thing is not many people would be claiming the coupons or available the discounts, so you might get even more once you visit the said store.

Go To Discounted Stores

You are on a budget so even though you really want to buy that designer shoes, or Kylie’s birthday lipkit, or maybe that coveted and glimmering couture, you have to restrain yourself from pulling out your wallet or swiping out your credit card.

Don’t go overboard for a birthday gift because it is still the thought that counts and you don’t want the birthday person to be filled with guilt after discovering just how broke you have been for a gift.

So visit discounted stores such as the Target and Wallmart. Even Ikea is giving out huge discounts from time to time. You may want to visit Kmart, Big Lots and TJ Maxx, or whatever low-cost stores you have in your neighborhood. Just keep a sharp eye for the best deals and be patient in scourging through loads of merchandises until you have found “the one” perfect gift.

Raid Those Street Bargains

There are a lot of people who just appears at night even until the wee hours, laying down blankets or boxes of bargain products. If you are brave and comfortable enough to drop by the street bargain, then please do so, because you would definitely buy a lot and a variety of gifts at a very low price.

Of course, just keep a keen eye and whip out those flashlights to see if you are at least getting a functional product, even with some damages present. However, if you get lucky, you might even find street bargains that has been produced as what they call an “A class” or the best of the economical merchandises.

Also get ready to negotiate for the prices especially if you are buying by bulk. Or at least ask for a freebie from the vendor.

Don’t Shop For Yourself

It is very tempting and we may be a little [okay, a whole lot!] guilty of impulsive buying. We set out with the intent of buying presents for our love ones and friends, but we just ended up buying gifts for ourselves, reasoning that we deserve it and that we can just use our credit cards later on, or that we would just cut back on food supplies in the next few days.

Nope. We usually end up spending a lot for food money anyway! So stop going shopping for yourself when you only need to buy a present for an upcoming birthday. Do yourself a favor and have some restraint. It might help if you would leave extra money at home so you would not have a choice when you are compelled to buy later on.


There are times when we just have some spare ingredients stuffed at the back of the cabinet from the last celebration and as our hectic schedules take all of our time, we forget all about it. So check out your kitchen cabinets and whip out those flours!

Homemade goodies are better than expensive cookies from the bakeshop, because it’s full of efforts and thoughtfulness. You can even design it based on the personality of favorites of the birthday person so it is going to feel so personal.

Cook Their Favorite Food

Another way to make it really personal and touching is to cook the favorite food of the birthday person.

So you might be thinking on how this is going to help you save money when you have to buy the ingredients from the supermarket, but remember that you would be able to cook a lot instead of just buying ready to go food.

You can give half of the food that you cooked and leave some for yourself, which means that you are now free of worries about your meals for the next few days! See? It’s a win-win!

Artistic Birthday Card

It’s impossible for any homes to not have art materials such as paper collections and coloring thingy, so it’s time to get creative and allow your hands to dance. Create your own card, design it as creatively as you can, seriously though, you don’t need to be Picasso to do this.

Effort Counts!

And your sense of humor would be the one to deliver victory.

In addition, you can write the most melodramatic letter ever that you would elicit a ton of tears and then cut back up with the wittiest joke you can think of, because that would be an awesome card. After all, it’s a birthday and so, everyone is allowed to be emotional.

DIY the Gift!

Similarly, instead of a birthday card you can try for anything!

Look around your home because you would certainly find something that you can recycle and turn into an awesome gift, because being crafty is important when you are on a budget and yet desperate in wanting to give the perfect birthday present.

Just watch DIY videos online or find some ideas on Pinterest, because rest assured, there are loads you can easily emulate even by first try. Thus, you manages to save money, reuse those extra materials you have at home, and then you also get to spend some time being creative, which can be relaxing and helps in lifting the feelings of anxiety.

Stock Up On Free Samples

When you are at the mall, you have probably encountered at least once, some workers that are giving away free samples of their company products as part of advertising efforts and marketing campaign. Come on, don’t be shy since you would actually be helping those workers meet their quota of samples to give away in a day if you would just approach and get one.

Even at work, your boss is probably throwing away free samples on your lap coming from some investors so just take whatever you can get and save it up at home. You can give it all away for every birthdays you would have to attend in a year!

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